To Good To Be True

A story of a confused friendship that never ever did turn into something else, until she met the new guy


1. The Nightmare

3 Months Ago...

I had been waiting for an hour outside trying to figure out what I was going to say to him. I was very scared and nervous, my stomach was being very disturbing to the fact that soon he would arrive. I couldn't do it ,but I had to with out my mothers help, friends, or siblings. You could hear his car from around the corner and that signified that the time had come and I needed to be prepared. I shook my hands, stood up, and waited for his car to appear on my drive way.

His car appeared and he parked perfectly where he usually did, saw me and smiled. He came out of his car dressed nice like he usually did came to me and hugged me saying, "I missed you Beautiful!" It sent a shock of sadness in my body, I hugged him back and smiled. I knew he knew something was up because there was a feel of tension. I grabbed his hand and looked at him letting him know that there was something to talk about. Of course he freaked and I only held on to his hand and moved back a bit. I made eye contact with him and I could tell he didn't want me to proceed ,but I had to. He might have never noticed when I began to felt differently because he was always to busy. 

" Mark, this is really hard for me to say, and I care about you and I love you ,but not as a boyfriend mainly as a friend.."

I could see it in his eyes he was confused, hurt, angry, and in denial. He slowly slipped his hand out of mine and began to walk back in forth with his hands now inside his pockets. I knew he wouldn't want to believe me ,but again it needed to be done. I had been looking down because I didn't want to see how bad this would get ,but when I decided to look up I saw him walk down to his car and drive away.

I stood there at the drive way and wondered how I had made him feel. Of course it hurt me ,but it was an escape that I need to take. I did see Mark around the city yet he never cared to know anything that had to be about me. He took it like something to be ashamed of as if I had done something really bad towards our relationship even though it had been him.

Yet again I thought to myself, "I needed an escape..."

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