"She is like the moon
a part of her is always hidden away"

- Til Luna, til mor, menneskerne i mit liv, følelser, livet


1. Memories

 I've known you since I was 2 years old

now i just feel sad and alone

my friends tell me "don't worry, it's gonna be okay"

but isn't that what everybody says?

Now you're dying, slipping through my fingers

you're fading away, becoming a passing thought

where did all my memories go?

Can you remember when everything was sad and cold?

when we both felt extremely alone?

you wiped my tears away, and i held you close

wow, that was really ages ago

If i'd known, I wouldn't have left you alone

i would have been there day and night

ready to say goodbye

But the time is running out, I feel sad and alone

where are you now that i'm feeling cold? 

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