1. Darkness


Covers every object of existence in a blanket of nothing

Brings up the greatest fears known to a child

One covers their eyes in its presence

But is only letting the blackness win over them

For if a being covers their eyes they are completely shutting out all the light

And is only letting the blackness win over them

No birds sing in such

None of the young spread their arms and run through it

Light and good are the enemy

For when the sun rises, it is shattered

The brilliant beams of light are evil to the dark

Stretching over the land

Shutting out the common blackness

Burning one's eyes

Pain is brought by the sun as well

So will we ever know which is good and right

As brightness over comes the night

The sun rises

A glowing ball of bright gas and fire

If one stops to ponder the shall see

The light is surely not all it is made out to be

And when the sun surrenders to the blackness of our darkest fears

Happiness is gone


For have you ever stopped to think about the brilliant stars above

And how the sun itself overcomes their beauty

The large sun boasts of its color

But which is more beautiful

The burning sun

Millions of miles away

Or the humble stars that twinkle mysteriously in the black void


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