Mørkegrøn Neglelak

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  • Publiceret: 23 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 2 feb. 2017
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I barely remember that day, the day I met her.
The day where everything changed.
The day, I was wearing dark green nail polish.

- This is a poetry collection with short poems about or inspired by HER and our story.


11. What is love?

Love is like rain and thunder.

When we're all alone, and the loneliness is burning us,

rain is all we wish for.

And when we're sitting inside,

all alone in front of a window,

it can be cozy to just look at.

And it can be nice,

to imagine yourself walking in the rain.

And some day, some time, when we're finally ready to go outside,

we take our time to get ready.

We change ourselves for the rain.

Put on our raincoats and boots,

so we don't get wet.

And some even take an umbrella with them,

to protect themselves.

But are you really in the rain,

if you have built a wall around yourself for protection?

But as soon as we step a foot outside,

the reality hits us.

In the beginning, the rain can be refreshing and new.

Sometimes it can even be fun to jump around in the water puddles.

But after some time,

the rain is suddenly not so cozy anymore.

It'll get cold, dark, and scary to walk through.

And as soon as the thunder starts to rumble in the sky,

all we want to do,

is to go home.

And most people do.

They go home and dry their hair,

wash their clothes and jump under their blankets.

But true love is not about hiding inside,

where you know it's safe and warm.

It's about putting yourself out there, and survive the rain.

True love,

is going through the rain with someone,

maybe even through lightning,

and never stop walking.

It's about finding the person,

you are willing to get wet and wait for the sun to come up with.

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