Mørkegrøn Neglelak

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  • Publiceret: 23 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 2 feb. 2017
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I barely remember that day, the day I met her.
The day where everything changed.
The day, I was wearing dark green nail polish.

- This is a poetry collection with short poems about or inspired by HER and our story.


4. Losing something you never had

I could feel my heartbeat in every part of my body.

Or maybe, I was just shaking.

I tried to breath,

but my mind wouldn't let the air in.

It had never been so quit in my head.

It was like all my thoughts left with her.

My body was empty.

She had cleaned my soul.

There was no happiness left, neither darkness.

I wasn't sad,

but my eyes had never been more wet.

I tried to move my arms,

but a big stone was laying on them.

I couldn't move,

I couldn't feel,

I couldn't breathe.

But I was alive.

I was alive,

and I felt nothing else than dead.

I keep picking up my phone to see,

if there's a message from her.

To see nothing else than a blank screen.

A sound comes from my phone,

my heartbeat raises.

Could it be her?

I look at our conversation,

but I'm just staring at the last text she sent.


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