Dead Girl, Walking

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  • Publiceret: 21 apr. 2016
  • Opdateret: 20 apr. 2016
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I love poetry; everything about it! The emotion.. the pure feeling of pouring your heart and soul onto a blank canvas, cutting your brain open, and sharing your experience. It's different for everyone, we all connect on a different level. For me, poetry is how I get my feelings out, and sort through my muddled mind. Sometimes it's easy, other times I struggle for words. My poems may not be great, but they're mine!


1. Dead Girl, Walking

I'm a dead girl walking, that's how I feel

Pushed around, stepped on- squashed by a heel

Invisible, nonsensical, silly little girl

In love, in hate, an endless swirl

I have feelings too, or have you forgotten?

I wish I could, that the pain could just...end, cease, disappear..!


I'm a dead girl walking, feeling, enduring, ignoring

Eyes burn holes into my soul in judgement, with teeth that rip into me, dripping poisonous ridicule.

Gossip, the silent killer. Whispers that burn my ears.

Hard as I try, I can't lock myself away

They're right, you see, and everything's true

The comments, the looks, and the "I know what you're thinking" thoughts


I'm a dead girl walking. I move with cheetah-like speed

Eyes staring holes into my very own toes.

I run into walls, or bump into people.

Better than the alternative. Dare to look up, and get tripped.

Nobody cares about me- I'm a dead girl walking.

Emotions swimming in a lonely heart.

Memories spinning in a crammed full head.

Endless love, although the world has shunned.

Heartless world. Big-hearted girl.


Love for a boy who shows no recognition.

It could be worse, this I know.

Day after day, I make my way.

Go to sleep each night, and swallow down the fright.

Tell myself, "tomorrow's a new day. It might be better...hopefully...we'll see!"

There's hate and the hateful, this I know.

But I'm a dead girl walking, and I do what I must.

Fore one day, I shall rise.

And be full of life, once again.


Perhaps, perhaps.

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