Life of a Villain

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  • Publiceret: 29 mar. 2016
  • Opdateret: 4 apr. 2016
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This is the life of the Evil Queen's daughter in her perspective.


1. Me

Every villain has a purpose for being evil.

Almost no villain just is evil just because they wanna be. Like my mom. The evil queen. She is evil because of a reason. When Snow White was little, my mom was her sitter. My mom was just a normal teenager who was trying to earn money. She told Snow White everything. On one condition. Snow White could not tell my moms mom, or my Grandma. But one day my grandma came over to Snow's house and told her she would do anything to help my mom. Snow just needed to tell her the most important secret. My mom's boyfriend. Now, I don't know where you come from, but where I am, there is magic. You know all the Disney movies you like? With the evil queen, maleficent, everyone else. Well that's where I live. Well Snow White didn't know any better, for she was just a child. She told her the secret on one condition. She would help my mom. Now my Grandma always wanted a daughter powerful, and feared by others. So she went to my mom's boyfriend and... Wiped him off the face off the earth. That's why my mom was always trying to murder Snow White. And Disney does tell some lies. Yes, my mom has a magic mirror but she never asked it if she was the fairest in the land. She always asked it Is it done? Because if you collect a bunch of items and take someone else's life, you bring a dead one back. But in the end, Snow White did not die. And you may ask why she is still evil? Because sometimes, after people describe you as on thing you are not for a very long time, you start acting like it.And then my mom got me. And all the other fairytales had children and we all go to the same collage. It's called Once Upon a Time university. All the good children are all bratty and obnoxious and rich. They think we are bad so they space themselves from us as much as they can. Me especially because Snow White's daughter is like the queen of them all. Me. Daughter of the evil queen. Scarlet.

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