My Lover and His Lover

My Lover and His Lover- third and final entry for The Poetry Project competition. Like and comment. Any feedback welcome :)


1. My Lover and His Lover

I bet he planted soft kisses wandering all over your body,

That grew hard every time he added another layer and yet,

another. Enough for canker sores to develop as the evidence. 

His kisses don't taste the same anymore, but 

of the passion between two lovers. 

I bet he made love urgently, like a train leaving the station, with the 

smoke billowing off as sighs as he told you his 

heart was yours, and when he came from your bed to mine. 

How do you hold on to a lover who wants to let go? 

I bet he made plans to run off to Paris with you, 

With every 'I love you' he said to me, he imagined your shadow, 

Your silhouette, your ghost, over mine.

Last night I witnessed twenty-six fireflies colliding in the dark,

And God, your perfection, your beauty knocked the light out of me

by taking him away.

His vows never meant anything, but mine did. They were sacred, they're

Cherished; with every breath of mine filled with his name, the same.

Your scars equate to calluses I gained from where he ever touched

me. I am toughened and I remember the first time he called for me.

I wonder how that compares to the times he called for you. 

And as I watch the man I once called a lover fade too far to reach,

I wonder how to hold on for a lover who wants to let go.

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