Bewitched-not your usual fairy tale

Two people who wanted a child more than they ever wanted anything else. Even more than the things they each wanted in their youth. They had the child and everything is pure joy. However, this is not their story. In fact it is the story of the very people who are going to make these people's lifes misserable once more.
The story of two witches who have each been promised the first born child. Forced to live together and raise the child the witches are annoyed to say the least.
But slowly, a spell starts to fall upon them. A love spell Mayhaps?


1. Proluge (Morgaine)


She stood in the shadows watching the young man who sat in the opposite corner of the room staring into his tankard of beer as if all the solutions to his problems were to be found on its button. Slowly he raised his eyes and once again looked longingly at the almost bewitchingly beautiful girl who was dancing and laughing with her friends in the middle of the room. Even in the taverns dimly lit and maybe even gloomy atmosphere, the girl’s looks blazed brighter than the rising sun itself. With her thick golden hair and glowing ivory skin she was almost frighteningly close to resembling that one doll any little girl would want, which was promptly declared too expensive by their parents.

Morgaine did not like the girl. No regular little human was allowed to be that pretty. How she had gained such beauty Morgaine had not the slightest idea, but no one, no matter how it was obtained had the right to be as stunning as Morgaine herself.

With a huff the ever young-looking witch moved her eyes from the dancing golden girl and back to the young man in the opposite corner, who had now spilled what seemed to be half of the contents of his tankard upon the rough wooden table.

Morgaine laughed hoarsely and tucked a lock of flame red hair behind her ear before she with the click of heels on stone moved from the shadows and sat across the young man at his table.

“Bloody hell,” he exclaimed looking at her so wide eyed Morgaine got the impression that they might fall out and role across the floor.

That reaction satisfied her hunger for attention and praise for now and she smiled at him so sharply she might as well have had fangs.

“You want her don’t you?” she asked, her voice nearly a purr, as she gestured towards the golden girl with one hand and drummed the slender fingers of the other against the top of the table.

Colour rose to the young man’s cheeks and he nodded hesitantly. “But…but she is not a th…thing,” he stuttered. Did he really have the nerve to sound angry? Morgaine’s cat-like yellow eyes turned to cold slits and she looked at him at him as though he was but a disgusting slimy thing she had regrettably found underneath her shining shoes.

“You’re truly brave to defy my words little man,” she whispered sweetly, letting small brightly coloured flames burn at the tips of her fingers.

Quickly the man moved his chair back. It almost fell and had him tumbling to the ground, but he managed to save himself in the last second. “You’re the village witch,” he chocked out and she smiled widely at him smoothing out non-existent wrinkles in the long dress made of raven feathers.

“Ca..can you help me…make Elisa love me?” he asked in a hoarse whisper full of need.

“Why surely I can, and I will…for a price of course,” Morgaine declared, the gleam of her bright white teeth contrasted her dark skin.

“What price? I’ll pay it,” the young man blurted before even thinking.

“Your first born,” Morgaine said smoothly. She had always wanted a little boy or girl whom she could teach her ways.

The young man hesitated for a while but then he nodded. “If we love each other we won’t need a child,” the fool concluded and Morgaine smiled once more before turning away and walking to the golden girl who had now stopped dancing.


For the shortest of moments Morgaine gripped her shoulders tightly, leaned forward and whispered words in a tongue long dead into her ear.

The witch was gone before the golden girl throw herself into the arms of the young man with a giggle.      

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