The Next Reset

Just another reset in the game right? Wrong, this is the reset that will change the monster kind forever. Justice and Mckenna is gonna make the underground a whole new world


1. The reset

Justice POV

I woke up with yellow flowers petals in my face, and surrounded by yellow flowers. I turned around to see Mckenna still out cold, so I let her sleep for a little while longer. Plus, I have still don't know what's down here and knowing her, i'm just gonna leave her. I started to walk around and found myself in another room, and... "Howdy, i'm Flowey, Flowey the flower." "Hello, I'm Justice." I'm the kind one out of me and Mckenna, she's the harsh one and the mean one. Out of us, I'm good cop and she's bad cop. 

"You must be new to the underground aren't ya." I nodded my head. "Well let me help you out there." Then a heart thing pops up in front of me. "That's your soul right there." "I always knew I had a soul." "Collect all the friendliness pellets." "I'm not sure, I kinda don't trust you." "Just do it." So I did what the flower told me to do.


Mckenna POV 

Waking up to flowers under me is not a good feeling for me, red flowers, maybe. I see Justice walking into another room When I went to get up, I fell again. Guess I still wanna sleep. I tried again, did it, I now get a gold star. I followed her into another room and I see it. "Howdy, i'm Flowey, Flowey the flower." A talking flower, really. "Hello, I'm Justice." I see Justice start to talk to the flower, and really Justice, a flower, you can do better than that. 

"Collect all the pellets." Don't trust it Justice. Then she does it. Thump. She fell to the floor, very hurt. "You idiot! In this world it's kill or be killed!" The pellets surround her and start to close in on her. "Die!" I run out to save her then...

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