the story is about a girl named lexi who always was happy. she got good grades she had many friends too. until she meets a transfer student at her school. jack. well at least thats what every body else says he is. she starts feeling weird around him. every thing around her stops, she can't help but feel that she needs him no matter what. but something happens, lexi changes… jack changes… and they are after them.


2. Lexi.him


 I can only see his figure and eyes. There as black as night at i get closer to him. its the same…. we try to reach other but always get torn apart by something.i can hear a faint part of him calling my name."Lexi"I want to get to you. I want him to hold me close, i want to stay there forever with him. i want the world to stop. 

 I wake up to the noise of my alarm clock.UGH!!!! i roll over to my night stand and slam my hand on the button. wait aren't we suppose to have that quiz today? I thought to myself.

wait. what time is it?! I look over to my clock. 10:45 it flashed. CRAP!!! I ran out of bed and got my shoes and my uniform. how come she did not wake me up? my mom always woke me up before she went to work. Did she have a meeting? I quickly brushed my hair and added a finishing touch and put a little bow in my hair.

When i finally arived at school, second period had already started." MISS LEXI " my teacher snarled. nice to see you here. she said. I'm vary sorry mrs. pickle my mom had to leave early and- Fine just sit down.She interrupted.

Alright class we have a new student. He transferred here from pine desert.I was about to sit in my seat when i saw him. i stared from across the room. I-I know him…i thought. He was tall with black hair and eyes… he wore the guys uniform and had converse sneakers.

By the look of it he was as surprised to see me as i was him. Jack introduce yourself to the class. Mrs. pickle said happily. I-Im jack. he said still staring at me from across the room. I transferd here from pine desert. I hope we can become friends. He said, gazing his eyes from mine and looking over the room.

I sat down.Alright mr. jack please take your seat over by Lexi she said pointing towards me.I gazed in panic as he made his way over and sat next me.Okay class please take out your note books and write todays lesson on the bored. Class went by in a blur. All i kept on thinking was that he's here. And he is sitting next to me. the boy of my dreams in sitting next to me. no joke.





sorry chapter was short once again! The next story is going to be in jacks point of view so we can see what he thinks of Lexi! I can't wait!!!!

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