Wolves of Tylenda

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  • Publiceret: 27 feb. 2016
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This is a story about four wolves who meet up by fate with four very different one of a kind powers. Please leave a like and a comment and chapters will be coming your way! Thanks!



1. Wind Pack

Amethyst stood up swiftly looking left to right trying to figure out what it was not knowing what was ahead of her. “Jasmine!!” Amethyst whispered “wake up!!” “Hmmm,what???” Jasmine said dreamily

“There's something in those bushes!!” She said anxiously “and it's ALIVE!!” “Well, hold on!!” Jasmine said getting up. “You know I can't move as well as before!” She said looking at her stomach full of her about to be born pups. “Well as deputy I must go warn the others” Amethyst said bravely. “Go for it. I'll be waiting in the nursery!” She said turning around she felt the pain in her swollen stomach “Owwwwwwwww!!!” She said collapsing to the ground. Amethyst looked away from Jasmine and turned to look at the bush. There was definitely something suspicious and there was an odd scent lingering in the air. She saw the creature sneakily walking towards where all the kits where. Amethyst peered through the branches of the thick bush. She saw a flash of amber eyes. Then amethyst recognized the scent. It was their sworn enemy…… a fire wolf!!!!! Amethyst turned back and herd The pricing howl of jasmine

"HELP ME!!!!!!” Amethyst abandoned her hunt for the fire wolf and ran to jasmine as fast as she could “The pups are coming! I need help!"she kept on barking while she built up all the strength she had left to crawl painfully back to the camp to birth the newest pups to the pack. Everyone at the camp had heard yelping in agony and wondered what it was. They looked around wildly to see who the howl came from. Finally Jasmine appeared out of a bunch of wild grass gasping for air. "Help!" She said. She took one look at her newborn pups and fell unconscious. When Jasmine awoke she found three tiny puppies suckling from her. "So these must be my pups! How precious are they? Let's see... Hmmmmm, oh I've got it! They need names!" She was surprised she didn't think about it before." I'll call this one Rose she said cuddling with a small black and white female with a hot pink nose. “ and this one Aban!" She said gesturing to a small,black and white, female with a hot pink nose and a larger,blue-ish male with an ocean blue nose. "What should that one?". This time she looked at the smallest, most likely a runt, which was black with 4 white dots on his back. “Um” Amethyst said quietly “there's something I need to tell you” "Yes? What is it?"said Jasmine curiously.“There was a fire wolf in our camp earlier........ And he stole one of your pups!!” Amethyst said slowly."So I had four pups? Is THAT what you had to tell me about?"she said,her anger and worry increasing."Why didn't any one TELL me?!". Her quick movement disturbed the remaining pups who where still suckling and it startled them so,they started to bark feebly. “Um yes we found that the fire wolf is the deputy of fire pack!! We found his name is Flame we must find him” amethyst said anxiously hoping to calm her down “we are leaving now for the patrols and while we're Gone why don't you name the other three” she said walking off with the rest. “Ok guess I should” she said glad to be changing the subject.“ ok see you later I'd love to hear your pups names when we come back” amethyst shouted from a far distance disappearing Ito the woods. Jasmine Thinking to her self, If this is the life of a Queen,I wanna be it till I die! The day was so tiring that she finally fell asleep. Thinking to her self, If this is the life of a Queen,I wanna be it till I die! The day was so tiring that she finally fell asleep."Weeeeeeeeee!"cried Jasmine's pups. "I'm gonna get you,you dirty old bear!"yapped "Roooaaaaaarrrr! No your not cuz I'm gonna eat you first!"said Rose giving a playful nip on the ear."Come on Goldie! Please play with us. It's no fun with out you!"cried Angle. "No. I don't want to." Goldie said. "Guys,how about you find something else to do that all of you agree on?"said there Mother. "Ya! Ok!" They said in unison."Where's Aban? Is he STILL sneezing?" Angel said. " I'm afraid so." Jasmine said dully, clearly disappointed. Amesyst limped back with a disappointed look on her face she came up to jasmine and whispered in her ear “I am so so sorry we couldent get her back they killed many we tried our best" Amethyst limped over to the medicine den ." thank you for telling me this." Jasmine replied in a surprisingly calm voice.“Wait” Amethyst said “there's one more thing, we brought back a hostage and his name is flame the deputy of darkness pack." Amethyst, THERE IS SOMEONE BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!" Howled Jasmine staring at an un known wolf from an un known pack. She watched it wild eyed in fear for her best friends life. Then she saw something smaller coming for the wolf. It was Jasmine's sick and sneezing pup, Aban!The wolf strikes her in the back but amethyst fought back “take that you coward” amethyst howled while striking the wolf on the stomach the wolf howled as the rest of the pack approached they started dragging amethyst away .Aban leaped into the fight and was so tiny,cute, & helpless, even the FireWolf wouldn't attack him! And because he knew this, he protected Amethyst from him! She managed to speak, but he couldn't hear what she said so he kept on fighting strong like a warrior."No!!!!!! Not my friend AND my pup!"Jasmine said watching them being dragged away.Amesyst saw the look of determination in the tiny pups eyes as she was dragged away aban pulled and leaped and got oust running softly to his mother but leaving amethyst behind they threw her in to thier territory and she fainted.

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