We're just friends...

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  • Publiceret: 19 feb. 2016
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Lillian is best friends with Isaiah, her neighbor from down the street. They've known each other since they met in 3rd grade, and have been inseparable. But, both now in the 9th grade, Lillian struggles with emotions she begins to feel towards Isaiah. She doesn't act on the feelings, not wanting to ruin their relationship. Plus, they could never work out, they're just friends...
This story is based off of my real life relationship with my friend Isaiah. We haven't done as many things together, but we're still best friends. I, to this day, still struggle with liking him, so you can see how this may get personal...


1. Its normal

I heard a loud beeping noise coming from my right. I opened my eyes and hissed as the sun streamed into my eyes, momentarily blinding me. After getting somewhat of my vision back, I looked over to my right, seeing the beeping coming from my alarm clock. I rolled over in bed and shut it off, curling back up trying to get more rest. About to fall asleep once more, I was jolted awake by someone pulling my blankets off me, causing my to subconsciously spaz out and reach for them with dear mercy. When I didn't feel them, I opened my eyes to see a smiling Isaiah in front of me, still on his pajamas.

"Time to wake up and get ready sleepy head!" He yelled at me, trying to get my attention before I dozed off. I whined.

"But I don't wanna go to school! I'll just bored out of my mind!" I yelled back, putting the pillow over my head, blocking out the sun. Isaiah reached over and grabbed the pillow in my hand, and smacked me up side the head with it. I payed in shock for a couple of seconds before registering what he just did. I smiled.

"You shouldn't have done that..." I warned, using one of my favorite quotes. He looked at me with worry in his eyes. "I'll give you a five second head start." He jumped off the bed and bolted to the bathroom, me hearing the lock to the door click. I smiled to myself, and started getting ready for school. I grabbed my bag full of stuff that I'd brought with me to get ready for today after spending the night at Isaiah's house. In it, I had a pair of skinny jeans, a Robin t shirt, my hair brush, straightener, and a few other items. I quickly got dressed and moved on to my make up. I went to the bathroom seeing Isaiah got out and started applying it.

"You know, you don't need that, right?" I smiled and turned around to see Isaiah  in the doorway dressed and ready for school.

"I guess you could say that, but I like myself better with it on." I said. He sighed and walked toward me. 

"Lil, you're gonna have to like yourself the way you are one day." I pursed my lips and looked down. I know that do look pretty, but only because others say so, but not to me. Ever since I was twelve, I've been struggling with self esteem issues, but Isaiah was always there, and he made me believe that, somewhat, I am a nice looking person. I smiled and walked over to give him a hug.

"Thanks 'Saiah, I can always count on you." He smiled and hugged back.

"Of course you can, what would I do without my Robin?" Me and Isaiah loved Batman, so, since we were so close, I was his Robin, he was my Batman, it just works out that way. I pulled from the embrace and continued on applying my makeup, but not as much as before, Isaiah's comment boosting my self esteem. After that, I grabbed the straightene and quickly went through my hair. After that I put my stuff away and grabbed my backpack, walking downstairs to the kitchen, finding Isaiah shoveling cereal into his mouth. I laughed at the sight, but he just kept eating. After he was finished, he put his bowl in the sink and grabbed his bag too, not bothering to try and make me eat, knowing I'd only refuse. Saying our goodbyes to Isaiah's parents, also known as my second parents, we walked out the door and headed for school.




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