The Blank Pages And Secret Rooms

A very beautiful and shy girl named Ania Ever-weather is enrolled into an academy by her father who leaves to do a dangerous job. For the two years she stays in a mansion she finds it has many unexpected secrets. Come read what adventures will come her way along with friendship, fantasy, and a little romance.


1. A Mysterious day

The day school started, my world was upside down. Today my papa was leaving me. Birds chirped as I walked down the elegant stone pathway to the main building. It's my first day at a new school, all I knew was I was going to live in a Victorian castle for two years while papa worked in the dangerous mountains. Papa loved me very much, I knew that. But he had to go. There were no more relatives to take me in either. So he chose a place I could stay. I turned to look back to see papas carriage just leave my eye sight. I touch my cheek still feeling his emotion-filled kiss. My heart hurt, and soon cold tears started to spill. Moments later echoing footsteps clicked behind, so I quickly wiped my face and lifted my spirits. Maybe this place will be better than expected?

I turn to see a very slim woman who smiled back in quite a creepy way and a rather strange look came from her blue eyes. Just like a cloud swirling. Her dull gray-brown hair looked quite dusty and was tightly pulled back in a low bun. She had some wrinkles which made her face look quite stern. I tried to smile but I felt afraid, something seemed very off about her.

"Miss, Ever-weather. Welcome. I am Mrs. Berter, the principle of this here school. I am pleased you made it here on such a short notice." I nodded, she turned and walked ahead. I followed sheepishly. Her gown draped across the smooth stones and made her look quite elegant. We walked through great big doors and a great hall stood before me. Ahead stairs towered far up. Allot of boys and girls walked up and down in silence. Manny eyes peered and suddenly I felt shy.

"Here is the great hall, up those stairs are most of the bedrooms. Boys and girls are of corse separated." She walked up the parting stairs and I followed close behind only looking to her back. At the top we turned left and came to another door. I looked behind me again to see no kids here with us.

"All must be kept quiet for learning purposes." She said once again, "do you understand miss ever-weather?"

"Y-Yes.." I stuttered. She turned and walked up another set of stairs behind the thick door. I don't even know how manny stairs there were but I'm sure it was over a hundred behind me. We passed manny doors with numbers on them, and finally she stopped and pointed ahead. "That is your room. Everything you need was already prepared and is sitting in your chambers. I'll see you at supper my dear." And with that she left me alone. The hall was dim and no windows were in it. There was one small candle lit sitting high on a wall just a few doors down. From what I could make out my door read '56'. I must remember that number. I turned the handle slow but in no time it opened. The room was lit from daylight coming out a rather large window; it reached from the floor to the ceiling with beautifully golden frames holding the glass in place. The walls were cream and light pink designs swirling all over the place. A perfectly made bed with cream covers and golden lining clothed a soft looking bed. It all was complete with a smooth stone bed frame. This kind of place was half expected given she was a daughter of a very successful miner. Every time papa worked on a mountain he came back with so much gold. Sometimes even diamonds. On the side of my bed stood a desk; it held a sheet of paper, and a candlestick with a box of matches. I walked over to a dresser across the room and opened the drawers to see very neat outfits, two drawers were full of uniforms and the last two were completely different: the top being all girl needs such as undergarments, and the drawer below it had unexpected dresses. "What occasions here?" I wondered. After investigating for everything I was given I took the paper on my desk to read the schedule and rules:

Dungacur inside school rules

No speaking in the halls

No running

Keep to yourself

Keep out of closed doors

Follow the schedule

Outside rules

Use low voices

Stay within all gates

Return when the bell rings or doors will be locked

Class schedule

8:00am get up

8:30am come to the dining hall

9:00am history

10:00am math

11:00am writing

12:00pm dining hall

12:30pm outside

1:00pm cooking

2:00pm health

3:00pm free time

5:00pm dining hall

6:00pm free time

8:00pm living quarters

10:00pm in bed, lights out

Below was a map for the whole place. I memorized the dining hall because really it was about time to go eat supper. I then grabbed a uniform quickly and put it on. I wore a black pleated skirt, a red long sleeve dress-shirt under my black dress cote, and thigh stockings with black shoes. Everything felt stiff and the shoes felt like blocks. I looked at my reflection: my long black hair flowed over my shoulders and touched my knees, my bangs were a little over grown and swept over my right eye. I had my mothers eyes. They look green in the dark but turn blue in light. Papa said they were rare, that mama's grandma was said to have them too. I had papas slim nose and high cheek bones. My cheeks were rosy and my fair skin never could hide it. Many girls hated me at my old school. They said I was scary. When papa found out I was bullied he told me I was so beautiful to where I could scare people. He said every little girl wants too look like such a doll. I hated it. My face is now starting to look more mysterious now. My 13th birthday passed a week ago. For all I care I could be an alien.

I snapped out of my thoughts when a loud bell rang outside my door. I quickly opened my door and saw a small bell next to the door with a string attached to it. The string traveled up the wall into the ceiling. 'A bell?.' There were bells by every door, none rang but mine. In the distant footfalls going on far downstairs, I could also hear a great deep sounding bell ringing. 'Dinner.' I scurried down the halls and down the stairs to the crowded dining hall. Many eyes looked at me again. I ignored it and looked up to see a big chandlers above each table, and they were very big too. There were about seven in the hall. Each could seat maybe forty kids. The room was lit with many candles and the towering windows were open. I took my attention to all the kids around me again to see all girls wore something like I did, every outfit was somewhat custom though and the boys wore black dress pants or shorts. Listening, some kids whispered. But once ms. Berter entered the room everyone was silent. Out of the blue everyone ran to their seats and were still. I had no time to proces this and froze when I stood alone. Ms. Berter looked to me with a keen look and motioned me to come. I shifted to a slow and nervous walk. I came within five feet of her and stopped. She smiled and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Why don't you introduce yourself little one." She said turning me to face everyone's gaze. She let go and stepped aside. I gulped and started my words.

"M-my name is Ania Ever-weather, I am grateful to meet you all." Everyone just staired and ms. Berter then led me over to the last and half empty table. Once I was sat the principle took her seat at a smaller table in the front of the room.

"Say grace." Ms. Berter closed her eyes and at that moment every voice except mine rang with the word grace. And then far doors on the sides of the room opened and food came in the hands of maids. They walked to each table filling it with the deliciously smelling goods. Before me was set a platter with soup and salad with a crazy colored (what I supposed to be) potatoes. Everyone started eating but I just couldn't touch my plate. I looked up to take in the faces I will now see everyday at this table. At the opposite side of the table I noticed only boys sat on that side and girls sat on my side. Across me sat a boy who was engaged with eating. He was kinda cute, he had dark brown hair that fell over his eyes and neck. His skin was olive and his eyes were shaped cat like. I don't know how long I watched him but he then looked up to me and stopped. His bright gold eyes mocked me. My face heated, and he glared. Quickly I faced my food and took a bite of the purple potatoes. 'I shouldn't have starred' I felt like throwing up. Those so called potatoes were nothing like potatoes!

Once dinner was over I left too my room to stay. So far only the principle was close to being kind today. I laid on my squishy bed and soon fell asleep.

"Goodbye papa..." I cried, looking at the sunken mountain.

"I love you Ania-"

I woke up in panic. My heart raced. The moonlight pored into the room and then I realized it was a dream. I hugged my legs and tried to calm down. 'I should stop acting like a baby' I told myself. I got to my feet, grabbed a candle and lit it. 'I could sneak around. I need a book.' "Maybe I'll find a library- the map!" I coughed. I reached for the paper and peered at the spaces between the drawn lines. Finally the word library popped out. It's up the stairs, passed the boys rooms. 'Ugh! why up there?'

I left my room in only socks. I knew I would be a great deal quieter if done so. I darted my eyes at every passageway making sure no one spotted me. This would be tricky in such a ruled place. The moment I came near the first door where the boys slept I could hear whispers of many. Figured. Everyone hates the rules too. I came to the end of the hall to a closed door. I twisted the handle, then a slight creak came from the hinge then I took my chance and ran up the stairs. I ended up in a thick hall with four two-door rooms. I could hardly read the names above the rooms but the first one I walked up to read library. "The first door on the left." I whispered, turning the door handle. I nervously pulled open the heavy door.

I peeked into the library seeing no one. This place was perfect. I tugged my skirt flat and walked in. There were book shelves crowding the room, and it was quite a big room too. Each book I passed looked unique; with leather pressed covers and painted designs all around them. I looked up to see the brown shelves reached to the ceiling. I held my candle out in front of me to the hardcovers. "The tale of scatter trees... The mountain of dwarfs, The bone keys, the red gloves... The air-written letter." I stopped. Each one had such strange names I didn't know what to think. I walked down deeper in the library till I came to the back wall. It was very dusty and looked like no one came here often. I decided to read the covers again in the shelf level me. "The battle of lovendur, the shike meneth, secret creatures, the cave under lemethen, the girl who disappeared, mermaid mount, dragonstone crown..." I breathed softly. Seeing that all I have been reading were fiction novels I wondered if this whole place ever had even a history book. Not that I liked them though. Without thinking I reached above and grabbed a book. The leather was thick and the book was heavy, an indented tree stood in the middle and above stretched the words 'look behind you,' my heart stopped when I processed it. Cold air brushed passed me like a fast breath. Now my hair on my neck stood up and I defiantly did not want to turn around. "It's just a title... A title..." I told myself holding my candle close. I turned and saw nothing but the other book case. My fright still made adrenalin run but happily no one was here. I looked back at the book and sure enough it still had the title. Maybe I should just go. I had enough being frightened today. I walked fast down the hall of books and came to the clearing where tables stood. This is where you could read during the day but it was very late now. The Victorian styles in this place made it look twice as spooky here in the dark. I stayed alert. Now the door was ahead but just as I came closer the door handle made a slight noise. I quickly blew out my candle and ran to the side of the door where hopefully the person would not see me. I held the book and candle tight. A dark figure came in holding a candle as well and quickly walked to the back of the room where I once was and clearly I could see it was a student grabbing a couple books. My chance is now. I held my courage and slowly stepped to the door and turned the handle. Unexpectedly it creaked like an old pice of furniture. 'Oh no! Of all times! It didn't do that before!' I looked to see if the student heard and of course the candle was out leaving the darkness to cover me and the other kid. I heard steps coming closer quickly and I took no chances and booked it out the door, down the steps and strait to my room. I closed the door and set a chair under the handle. By now my legs were shaking. 'Why was that kid coming to me?!'

After awhile of sitting on my bed breathing beep to calm down, I realized my candle broke in half in my grip. In my left hand held the book. I felt for my side desk and then sat the candle and book down. I lit the candle once more and tried my best to mold it back together with the melted wax dripping down. It has been awhile and then I realized I was still in my school uniform. I walked over to my dresser and picked a random sleeping gown and put it on. Sleep filled my eyes and without thinking I wobbled to my bed and snuggled in. In moments conscious faded to nothingness.


Hello! Thank you for reading! It would be awesome if you guys could give me feedback~ since this is the very first time ever posting my writing I do expect it to not be perfect now but I will get better if I can see what my errors are and what you guys think. :) Thank you again!

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