My Best Friend (SEQUEL to Adopted by Nate Maloley)

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  • Publiceret: 27 jan. 2016
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Miley is finally 15 years old. Freshmen in high school, good grades and there is always a person there for her. His name is Zachary Reed Clayton, but she calls him Zach. Zach is the same age as Miley and famous on YouNow, he doesn't care about all the fame, all he ever wanted was to have Miley by his side, not in any way. But will things change between them? will Zach and Miley become a thing or will Fans tear them apart?


1. First Day Of High School.

​Miley's Part.

​Its the first day of high school and I am shaking more then ever. Maybe its because me and Zach haven't seen each other this summer because he was in tour, or maybe because of all the drama that goes around high school. Zach is my best friend since 2nd grade and he means a lot to me. I never been in a relationship and don't plan to be. I got up from my bed hitting my alarm clock , I brushed my teeth and picked my outfit. I put on my Khaki joggers, my galaxy sweater, then my galaxy convers. I straighten out my hazel brown hair that I got from my mother, I have my dad eyes and yes. My dad is Taylor Caniff and its more easy for me to open up to him but I do it to Zach he is my best friend of course. I even tell him when I am on my period, I walked downstairs dragging my black jansport. "Good morning" my dad said sitting in the kitchen table, dressed up. "Where are you going?" I asked him and sat besides him, "out with the guys" he said and smiled. "Ok I'm going to walk to school today" I said and he nodded. I gave him a kiss and started walking, I texted Zach to come out that I was waiting. I saw him and I hugged him, I wrapped my legs around him and he chuckled. I finally jumped down and we began to walk, I was holding his hand for some reason and it was because I am nervous. "Its going to be alright no need for being scared" he said and I smiled then nodded. We got there and everyone was looking at us, even the girls melted for Zach but its because he was famous, I found my locker and lucky I was next to Zach then this cute boy came next to my locker, "Hey" Zach said to him and he gave him dabs. "Oh Nick, this is Miley, Miley this is Nick" Zach said and I smiled then chuckled because his dimples were cute. "Zach, can you walk me to class?" I asked and he looked at me stressed out, "I am going to be late, Nick why don't you take her" he said and hugged me. I awkwardly walked with Nick and he was in the same class as me. "Well that was weird" he said chuckling sitting next to me behind the class. There was senor's here and football players, "Your scared aren't you?" Nick asked and I nodded. The bell began and our teachers came in, one of the football players where looking at me but when I caught him he smiled, waved and turned back to his boys. I sighed and looked at Nick, he knew what was wrong with me because he watched the players too. The bell rang and I went to the lunch room with Nick, we met up with Zach and I hugged him. I really need Zach to be in my class because I feel empty not trying to be rude to Nick but honestly. Some other boys sat with us but mostly Nick was always looking at me, I held Zach's hand because I am worried. He tightened his grip because he knew that something was wrong. -Skip Day- Me and Zach walked back to his place I called my mom telling her I was going to be in Zach's studying. I sat on his bed with paper's all over the place because me and him were studying hard. "What was the matter in lunch?" he asked and I shrugged,​" I guess that I was worried because the football quarterback was looking at me during class throughout the day I don't know Zach I am just used to being with in classes instead of having Nick there" I replied and he looked at me worried, " I can change my classes just for you Miley" he said and I nodded, "will you do that for me?" I asked and he nodded, I smiled. We began to study when he yawned, "well I should get going its 8:30pm we have been studying for hours" I said chuckling and he nodded. He helped me go downstairs and I turned to him, "please don't forget to change your classes I just need you that's why" I said and he nodded. I hugged him and this time I felt it different, in a good way. I finally got home and my mom and dad where in the kitchen setting dinner up, I smiled at them then sat to eat. "How was school?" he asked and I nodded, "I met a kid name Nick, he is really nice" I said and my dad looked at me seriously, "but not in that way" I said and he nodded and my mom chuckled at my comment. I washed up, took a shower then layed down, I texted Zach telling him good night and hopefully see him tomorrow. I put my iPhone to charge then finally fell asleep hoping that I end up with Zach in class.


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