MGK Love story

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  • Publiceret: 21 jan. 2016
  • Opdateret: 31 aug. 2018
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This is a love story of two artist meeting and getting together, MGK also known as Machine Gun Kelly and Jazmyn Bieber who happens to be Justin bieber's twin sister. What happens when these two artist get together? Will Jazmyn be able to tame this wild boy?


1. Chapter 1

* in building* 

Jazmyn pov: Today i had a radio interview in Cleveland to promote my new album and my new tour. When i arrived i sat down and put the headphones on. I had my best friend Jay with me but everyone calls her Kicks because she has a lot of sneakers. 

RI= Radio Interviewer 

JB= Jazmyn Bieber

RI: whats up everyone today we have a very special guest Ms. Jazmyn Bieber 

JB: whats up Cleveland *smiles*

RI: now this is your first time in Cleveland right 

JB: thats right 

RI: did you learn anything about Cleveland 

JB: um i know that MGK is from Cleveland 

RI: that's right, speaking of MGK he's actually in Cleveland to promote his new album, have you seen him yet 

JB: no i want to though

RI: i heard something about you actually 

JB: *chuckles* ok 

RI: i heard that you have a crush on MGK

JB: i mean yea, he's cute and everything

RI: would you do a collab with him

JB: hell yea, thats like on my bucket list *laughs* 

RI: have you met him before

JB: yea we met a couple times we're good friends 

RI: *laughs* ok well you're actually here in Cleveland to promote your brand new album and your tour

JB: yup 

RI: whats your album called 

JB: my album is called No Fear

RI: No Fear where did you come up with the name for your album 

JB: i was sitting in my best friend Kick's house, and she was helping me figure out a name and so we got bored thinking of names so we went out to this playground where they have like a tire swing but this tire can swing like over 10 ft high so i got on and Kicks yelled to me No Fear and that's where i got it

RI: there is a message behind it right 

JB: oh yea, No Fear is based on having no fear, like don't be afraid to do anything, and i respect people who have fear actually because even when they have fear they're still strong enough to do crazy stuff.

RI: Now you are traveling around the States to promote your album, when will we hear it 

JB: soon *chuckles* 

RI: well there you have it ladies and gentlemen Jazmyn Bieber's new album No Fear will be out soon, make sure you go and support, Jazmyn welcome to Cleveland i hope you enjoy yourself here and good luck with your tour and album. Thank you so much for being on

JB: thank you 

After the interview Kicks and i head out to the car, we had interviews and meetings all day to promote the album and tour. Hopefully this will be fast. Tomorrow I have my first show here in Cleveland and i need to rest up before then. 

* a couple hours later* 

After 7 interviews and 3 meetings we were finally finished for the day and it was 4:30 pm, Kicks and i went back to the hotel to order food and just relax before my show tomorrow night. 

Kicks: yo J imagine tomorrow night at your show MGK shows up 

Jazmyn: that'd be crazy *chuckles* 

Kicks: what would you do if he showed up 

Jazmyn: i don't know 

Kicks: *laughs* 

Kicks and i hung out before we went to sleep.


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