She Loved Girls but fell in Love With a Boy

She was gay but one day she met this guy and fell in love with him she never loved boys and she knew she was never going to be straight but with the sight of him she became differnt then she thought. She went up to him one day and was suprised at how weird it felt to talk to him she blushed through the whole first conversations. Weeks go by and she started to whimper for his love. She never felt love for a boy but she loved the dreams.


1. Kasaty Johnson

Hey I'm Kasaty Jack Johnson the famous rapper and viners sister. Well nobody knew about me tell like a few months ago. Ha I love my brother and his buddy's. There such amazing friends to have. Then one day I saw Sam and I knew he's amazing. But they all joke around with me because I'm not straight. I love girls. We are like total opposites. One day I went past Sam though Jacks house and I felt butterfly's. But I didn't want to hit or even like a man who goes girl to girl and just has to get in her pants. I knew he would us my looks agenss me to get in bed with him. So I tryed to ingnore him my hardest. The negative about him is that he is in the same grade I'm in and in most of the classes I am in. So its even harder to ingnore him. I like girls I even dating this chick a grade ahead of me who I run into like everyday. She was like the hottest girl around. I never knew that I could date a girl like her. Her ass and breast they drive me insain. I love it. But then Sam it's like how do I even feel like this with him. So I tryed to ignore it and I thought maybe i wont feel this way anymore....




First chapter and short sorry but i hope you like it and i will update next chapter asap but i have more storys i need to update to so.... and some i still need to publish first chapter

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