My concert encounter

When Deanna and her twin meet one direction after an concert things heat up and heartbreak occurs but in the end who gets their happy ending Deanna or Gianna and who loses it all

Btw this based after Zayn left


1. The beginning

My name is Deanna and have a twin named Giana we are 20 years old today and we are going to a One Direction concert today. As I had waken up this morning I had a surprise for Giana I had bought us 1D tickets for our birthday so to wake her up I got my phone blasted Four's No Control and jumped on her scaring her half to death. Just screaming at her woke her up and I told I have a surprise for her she asked what I told her to follow me to find out after breakfast I took we to the livening room and sat her down and told her to wait that I would be right back

Giana's P.O.V. I was waken up by my sister jumping on me wail she blasted No Control screaming along to it then she started to yell at me " I have a surprise for you" over and over I asked her "What?". She said I would have to follow her to find out so I got up and followed her taking my blankets with me when I got to the kitchen where breakfast had already been made it was bacon and eggs my fav when I finished eating I asked "what's my surprising?". She lead me to the living room sat me down and told me to wait there then left and came back with a box and said "open it "and is it was the best gift ever I knew she could tell how I felt

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