Albus Potter

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  • Publiceret: 18 jan. 2016
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This story is about Harry and Ginny's Son, Albus. He leaves to go to Hogwarts with his brother, James, and his cousin, Hugo. When they arrive, they are confronted with something not even supposed to exist.

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2. The vaults

Albus stepped in his vault and took a handful of money for his money pouch. They got back in the cart "Can this thing go Any slower? I think I'm gonna be sick..." Hugo said. Rose looked at him and rolled her eyes. "Only one speed" the goblin replied hastily. The cart sped off towards Hugo's vault. The goblin stuck the key in the door and it opened. Hugo grabbed a handful of galleons from his vault then sat back down in the cart. The Weasly's where not ashamed by their vault because their parent are one of the most respected aurors in the Ministry of Magic. They left gringots and checked their supply list. "I need an owl" Hugo announced. "Same" Albus replied. They walked Down the narrow streets of Diagon Alley and saw owls. Lily and Rose ran over towards the color changing mice squealing with joy. Hugo and Albus went over towards the owl section. "I want that one!" Hugo said pointing to the pitch black owl. Hugo led the shopkeeper to the bird and the shopkeeper got it out. Hugo held his money out in his palm and the owl flew to his shoulder. "Does it have a name?" Albus asked. "Umm...night...yup, Night is his name!" Albus looked around to find the perfect owl. "Albus, why don't you get this one?" Lilly asked, tugging her older brothers sleeve. Albus looked where Lilly was pointing. It was the only snowy owl in the shop. Albus led the shopkeeper over by the cages and asked for the owl. He handed the shopkeeper money from his pouch and took the cage in his hand. "I don't know what to name it." Albus said to Hugo while leaving the shop. "Well you will have plenty of time to think about it while we are buying our schoolbooks." Hugo replied walking to the book shop. Albus looked behind him and saw Lilly petting her color changing mouse. "I will name it Rainbow!" Lilly said excitedly to Rose. Albus walked in the shop and looked around for the shopkeeper. "Hello may I see your supply list?" A voice announced. Albus turned around to see a middle-aged wizard staring at him. Albus handed the list to him and the wizard got busy picking out books from the shelves. Rose whipped out her money and bought a Hogwarts: a history copy.

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