Adopted By Nate Maloley

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  • Publiceret: 14 dec. 2015
  • Opdateret: 26 jan. 2016
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Ally was just 5 when she adopted by the Nate Maloley. Now she is 13 and she ends up falling inlove with one and only Shawn Mendes. the thing is he doesn't know. Will he find out? Will he like her back? is he gonna feel the same? will he feel butterflies like she dose? Or will Ally end up falling for taylor???

-3 years now- ally is 23 and Taylor is 26


1. Nate Loves Me

Allys pov.

i woke up and groaned. i hated school. i got up and put on my beautiful spring dress then my flats. i left my hair down curly and headed downstairs. "hey baby" nate said "hi dad" i said tired "you want breakfeast" he asked "no" i said grabbing my side bag and my chapstick. i left the house and walked to skylnn's house. she came out and handed my phone. we walked to the bus stop. there we stood talking until i got a text from my dad

dad:are you in the stop?


dad:imma pick you and skylnn up and drop you off.

my dad came and drove off. i got off kissed my dad and enterd. There i headed to my locker. There he was Shawn Mendes. the most cutiest boys i ever saw. he even knows how to sing:). i stood there in my phone until i got pushed by Sam Rodiguez. The damn bully. "hey miss piggy" he said "what do u need" i said in pain "haha funny, u know what i want" he said slapping my ass. Class period came. i sat down and taylor my friend sat beside me. "hey" he said "not now" i said crying

------------skip classes-----------------------------

i started to walk by myself cuase skylnn left early. while walking sam ame behind me pushing me. i fell on my knees and started to cry. "haha ohhh bae wheres ur daddy now , huh" he said leaving. i got up and walked crying. going to the stair of the house. i enterd and broke down. my dad came and hugged me. "baby what happen" he asked. i got up and ran to my room


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