Reasons why to stay

i have a friend in mind that im writing it for he asked for reasons why he should consider not killing himself well heres going to be a whole book about it


2. #2 hard to let go

When a friend or someone people care about its hard to let them go so they might take the goodbye forever boat (im using lots of metophors dont judge) we will be out looking for awill but we know that its time to go time to say goodbye cause we cant take it anymore losing a friend isnt fun... I made a promise to myself if i lost all my friends or most of them i would take the goodbye boat (maybe) and i just wish you wont go please people follow the ones they love imajion the love of your life being on Movellas emajion the love of my life was on qoutev and look at us we are a week away to one month... I know it might be hard to feel not wanted to have people understand you... i do my parents never understand and come on im here trying to explain to one person life is hard and i pretty much thinking about it myself i have problems to i hate my life to i dont want to move on sometimes to so think what will happen if you leave us leave and take the death boat... What will happen?... What do you think?...

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