Reasons why to stay

i have a friend in mind that im writing it for he asked for reasons why he should consider not killing himself well heres going to be a whole book about it


1. #1 "would you jump of a cliff if all your friends did"

Theres people who would follow the ones they love no matter what. I get told this everytime i want something example i want to dye my hair my mom told me this well guess what i shock my head no but really in my head i was like "YES ARE YOU KIDDING THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES I  KNOW WHO CARE" trust me if someone commited suicied and i care so much about them i would do it to.... I cant live without my friends. I care way to much about them they are all i know that i have... Its to hard to let them go so dont just dont commit suicide or any of those things i do think about it but then i think about my friends what would they think.....

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