Link's lost memory.

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  • Publiceret: 15 dec. 2015
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Why could I only find one fan fiction about Rhett and Link? Here there is one.


1. Confused

A new idea got created. Rhett grabbed his guitar and started playing, that he just thought about, while recording it. He stopped recording, sent the recording and started working on something else.

Ten minutes later Rhett looked back at his phone. No answer. Weird... What was Link working on? Rhett got up and started looking for Link. He found the room, there Link was in, and where a bad surprise was waiting for him.

"Link!" Link was laying on the floor on his stomach. Not moving at all. Rhett quickly sat down next to him and turned him around, so he could see his face. Link's eyes were closed, his mouth open, and his glasses weren't on his face. (They weren't on him at all.) Rhett put his hand on Link's chest. His heart was still going. He was alive. "Link, wake up! Link!"

A little noice came from Link, while he slowly opened his eyes while raising his head a little. He looked into Rhett's eyes. Didn't say anything. Didn't do anything. Just looked. "Link, are you ok?" It took a while, before an answer came back, but it only came with a low whisper. "Wh... What?..." His voice was low and a little husky. "Are you ok? What happened?" Rhett started looking for Link's glasses. They were laying on the floor. Rhett took them and gave them to Link. Link looked at them, but didn't put them on. He did nothing. He slowly raised his arm and pointed with a weak finger. "Who... are... Who are you?..." Rhett's already big eyes got bigger, while looking at his confused friend. "I'm your best friend Rhett. Are you ok, dude?"

A thought flew through Rhett's mind, and he started asking questions to his friend. "Where did we meet?" "... Meet?" The answer was very low and it only turned into a little mumble. "When is your birthday?" "Birth... da..." "What year is it?" "What year..." "Oh no. Link, I think, I know, what's happening. I gotta find a place for you to sit." Rhett took Link's hand and helped him up. "Come with me." Link followed but stopped, when he hit a doorframe with his shoulder. "Bang!" "Och!" Rhett turned around and saw his friend doing a face, that said pain. "Are you ok, man? You should wear your glasses, so you can see, where you're going." Rhett took Link's glasses out of his hands again and placed them on his face. Link looked around in the world, he had seen so many times before but didn't know about. "Wow." Rhett waited patiently, until his friend was done looking around and again looked at him. "Ok. This way."

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