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  • Publiceret: 4 dec. 2015
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Your best friend leaving really isn't easy. Especially when you only realise you love him.

You really do love him, and not just as a friend.


1. 00|Eventually




00 | E V E N T U A L L Y

{ P R O L O G U E }

E L L I E ' S  P O V

They say everything changes with time, and to an extent, I, Eleanor Tanner, believed that. But the thought still confounded me with it's strangeness. After all, how much could change after two months?

Sure, my mum found a new husband and ran off with him leaving my dad and I penniless. My friends hooked up while I was completely oblivious to that fact. My dad getting fired from his high-powered job.

But despite that, everything else was the same.

The streets of London were still lively as usual, and the prices endured insanely high. People still continued to cross the road even when the traffic light stayed red, and the weather was still more bipolar than a teenage girl PMSing.



F R I D A Y   8 T H   D E C E M B E R            

My left hand tangled itself through my black wavy strands as I tilted my head and rested my elbow on the table. I highly doubted my sleep deprived self could last another minute of waiting for Jesse.

I looked over towards the door and Jesse entered in all his glory, wrapped up in a beanie and a scarf. His eyes travelled over the heads in the Cafe until they settled on mine, his eyes grew wide and he rushed up to me, bending down and kissing my forehead, making me flutter my eyes shut. The cold weather from outside clung to him like a second skin, which reached out to grab me, to elope me into its trap. He slumped down opposite me, sending me an apologetic smile.

"Oh Ellie, I'm so sorry, I got stuck in traffic and I'm so freaking late -- "

I cut him off, my finger pressed against his lips. His cornflower eyes followed the tip of my finger, and then they flickered up to meet mine.

A bubble of laughter escaped my lips, "It's okay, Jesse. I understand, it's winter anyway. It's bound to be busy in the streets." I shook my head teasingly, a smile lighting up my features, pulling my finger away. "You worry too much."

"Yeah," He chuckled as well, turning a light shade of red, our laughs mingling. "What do you want to eat?"

"You choose." I shot him a smile and he nodded.

An evil smirk came across his face, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

I rolled my eyes and he jogged up to the counter. I glanced over at my best friend, the boy who was there for me at the start and hopefully for the finish. I love him. Jesse means a lot to me. Even not seeing him for two days made me sad. 

Why we are here is because it's our tradition. Our tradition to come to 'The Rolling Scones' and talk. Talk about life, anything really, no matter how sad, horrible, happy, or disgusting it is. Friday is our day.

"Here you go." I looked down at my favourite dish, my eyes widening in delight. Peanut. Butter. Waffles.

My tongue darted out to wet my lips, "This is amazing, thank you Jesse."

"No problemo, gorgeous." 

We tucked into our waffles as most of the afternoon was spent talking about school and how things were going for each of us. I laced our fingers together as we walked through the main gardens. I brushed my hand over the frozen flowers, which tingled my fingers with nature's electricity. I heard the faint melody of the breeze swishing through the trees, rustling through our knotty hair. The faint crunching feeling and sound of the snow.

Yes, it was beautiful. The air was scented a cool spearmint aroma which blended with the frosty snow. We didn't need to talk. We walked in peace, enjoying this very moment. An easy smile played across my lips, I studied Jesse's face to see his expression mirroring mine. 

Jesse abruptly stopped, tugging my hand back making me crash into his chest. "Hey."

"Ellie, I need to tell you something." He sighed, turning his head away nervously. I furrowed my eyebrows, my palm pushing his head as his eyes met mine.

My green orbs flickered from one blue eye to another. "Jesse, what is it?"

"I -- I'm.." He stuttered hopelessly, his glassy eyes boring into mine. "You are probably wondering why I was treating you differently, and how I took you through our favorite park, why I was late -- "


" -- Why I may be acting weird, like my little gestures, -- "


" -- Why I'm crying right now and everything is falling apart and I just -- "

"JESSE." He paused and I watched a few diamond tears roll down his cheeks. I wiped them away with my thumbs.

"The thing is," He started, his voice breaking. "I'm moving."

I stepped back immediately, my arms dropping at my sides, I stared at the ground. "What?" I asked, barely a whisper.

"To California. I need to see my parents."

I shuddered, this cannot be happening. I breathed in slowly, "California is on the other side of the world. We're in London." I mumbled. I let out a sob, covering my mouth. My lips shook against my palm. "This is a dream." I shook my head, "This is a daydream. In the real world, you are probably trying to snap me out of it."

I closed my eyes, waiting for me to come back to reality but instead I felt warm hands placed on my shoulders. 

"Ellie. I'm sorry." 

Wrenching myself out of his grasp, tears trickled silently down my face. "When?"

"Uh -- "

"When, Jesse?"

"Tomorrow night."

Every fibre of my being seemed to ache at the thought of my other half leaving me. This can't be happening. Emotions welled up in me. Anger, hurt, pain.

I forced myself to meet his eyes. "How long have you been planning this?"

"For the last month." His shoulders slumped and he hung his head.

I pushed him, "The last month? The freaking last month?" I let out a shaky gasp. "Why didn't you tell me sooner -- "

Jesse gripped my chin, pressing his lips down on mine. I couldn't help kissing him back. He ran his fingers through my hair and lifted my chin further to intensify the kiss and I shouldn't have gasped at the sudden intervention but I did and that gave him a chance to deepen the kiss. He tasted of mint; the slight scent of aftershave was intoxicating. His kiss was soft, gentle like he was sad and afraid of leaving. Our tears mixed, creating a coating around our lips.

It was strange kissing Jesse, strange but beautiful. I would have thought it would have been like kissing my brother but it was the complete opposite. It was different. I should have pushed him away but I couldn't. He was too addicting, too passionate.

Love, lust, sadness, angriness, fear were pouring into the kiss.

He pulled away, pain, clear in his eyes. I glanced at his lips as he did for mine. 



What just happened?


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