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  • Publiceret: 14 nov. 2015
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Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


1. How to keep a secret



Vanessa pulled back her long black hair into a ponytail and grabbed her luggage. She quickly and quietly walked across the street to the train station from the orphanage, which she had been dying to leave. The food there was garbage, and so were the living arrangements. She hated sleeping on the rock solid mattresses and sharing a bedroom with nose-picking Alice and snoring Sadie. 

When Vanessa reached platform 9 3/4, she quickly rushed through the brick pillar and onto the hogwarts express. People gave her smiles as she passed by, but she continued walking with her head down, expressionless. She found an empty compartment and sat down, turning away from thecompartmentdoor so no one would see her face.

After a few minutes, the door swungopen and Vanessa heard a voice say behind her, "Can I sit here?"

"No." Vanessa replied tonelessly staring out the window of the train. 

"Oh, um... Alright."

The compartment door slid shut and Vanessa heard the sound of the personsfootsteps diminishing. She sighed.

Being Tom Riddle's daughter, yes, Voldemort's daughter, she knew she could not socialize with anyone, or everyone could know. And if the students told the teachers, and if the teachers told the headmaster, that would give her a one way ticket to Azkaban, even if she hadn't done anything. She shivered at the thought of looking into the harsh, scabbed faces of the dementors every day. They would surely give her the kiss, because, why not, expelling every last remaining bit of the dark lord would be best for the world, right? Vanessa didn't think so.

So she would stay in the shadows, never talk to anyone, just keep her mouth shut and make sure she didn't spill it. She knew how to keep a secret.


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