1. who are you?

I woke up early that morning. All night I had felt like someone was watching me. And every time I woke up no one was there. I went downstairs quietly trying not to wake my dad up. Today it was his only day of from work which is pretty rare. So today I wanted to make this day he would never forget. I went to the kitchen and made some pancakes for my dad.

"Mmmmm what smells so good"

"Good morning dad I chuckled"

"Good morning my little princess"

My dad was the best. He has always been there for me in my hardest times. And best of all he would always Fangirl with me when One direction is on or something. My Mom wasn't here. She died giving birth to my Brother when I was 5.

"So dad are you ready for our Alex and Dad day"

"Yep our first destination is.... The park"

"Yay"I giggled like a little child getting candy"

My Dad went to get ready and so did I. I put a One Direction tank top on and shorts. I slipped on my red converse and went downstairs. My dad was outside sitting down. Something wasn't right. I could feel it. I went up slowly to my Dad. I saw a Bit of red On his shirt. Before I could even start crying and everything went black~~~~~~<

"How could this have happened it is impossible"

"Dude she is waking up"

Ugh where am I

I was holding my head and looking everywhere. There was 5 figures

"Hello Love"

" huh who are you and where am I"

" well you might know us and I'm pretty sure you will"

The figures all stood up and I saw their faces

"Wait Louis,Harry,Zayn,Niall and Liam is that really One Direction "

I was really confused.

Where am I?

Why am I with One Direction?


One the next chapter What will happen with Alex?

Why has her dad been killed and by who?

Find out on the protectors

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