Hiccups l.s

Harry was a good kid. He did his homework, he did his chores, he even looked after pets in the animal shelter.

Louis, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. He didn't give a crap about school, helping others or being nice in general. It wasn't his thing. He'd rather smoke behind the bike shed with his mates whilst starring at the girls who passed by.

So one could only imagine what happened when Louis got a text from and unknown number saying
"help, grandma, I've had hiccups for 14 hours straight, I'm scared :("

Harry, the poor little 16 year old was not prepared for what happened next.


Hey! This book is mostly text speech so grammar/spelling is supposed to be bad. I know lots of big wattpad authors have written books like this, however I wanted to try it out :3


1. False Teeth

Unknown number: help, grandma, I'm scared I've had the hiccups for 14 hours straight :(

Louis: dude, you should get that checked.

Unknown number: grandma?

Louis: um on minuet dearest, I need to go put my false teeth back in love.

Unknown number: you don't have false teeth gran...

Louis: um yeah I'm going to help grandad with something.

Louis: oh no, he's had an 'accident'

Unknown number: i don't have a grandad.

Unknown number: he's dead.

Louis: oh

Unknown number: yeah, oh.

Louis: I guess you got the wrong number, kid.

Unknown number: you tell me this AFTER you pretended to be my grandma,

Unknown number: you absolute weirdo

Unknown number: please delete my number.

Unknown number: goodbye

Louis: aww cute


>•< yay!

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