Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


1. The Spider And The Fly

             A spider is sleeping soundlessly in the corner of her web. She had just finished making her web. This spider is a gentle spider. One that is kind to all that come her way. She has never harmed anything and never wants to.  She is alone in her web always. Never anyone there. She has always been different from everyone else. She thinks that it is good to be different. This spider is a black one. She has a red hourglass on her back. Some call her a black widow others an outsider. She knows perfectly well what she is and who she is. No one needs to tell her different. 

         This spider she is always hungry. Like I said she has never killed or harmed anything in her life and doesn't plan to. She is to nice to harm something weaker than she is. Too nice to harm something so delicate. She has never eaten anything but the things she can find on the ground. This spider has no name. Something lands in her web she sets it free. She has no family anymore. They all disowned her when she wouldn't kill. That's what she is right? A killer with no heart? No she's different. And that difference is what is making her who she is. 

           One cold morning she saw something caught her her web. It was a fly. What a pretty fly it was. She wanted to make friends with it. But knew that they would never be friends. The spider was going to the fly to let him out.

     As soon as she helped him out the fly asked," What? Why did you free me? You looked starved."

     She had to answer," Why I let you out? You should be happy I did. Most spiders of my kind are not nice enough to free you but eat you instead. And yes of course I am starved." She smiled and waved good bye hoping he would go away soon. She looked back and still their. The fly was confused with what she had done. Why? Why had she set him free?  

     Before the fly left he asked one more thing," If you are hungry then why on earth did you set me free? Most would eat me."

     The spider smiled a small smile before she answered," Because, I can't hurt you or the next fly that comes in my web. It's not in my nature to kill those who don't deserve it."

     The curious fly couldn't stop himself asking," Why?"

     The spider had answered this already but she waited patiently and said," Because I can't. " 

             She waved the fly away once and for all she hoped. She hoped he wouldn't return. She went back to sleep that night hoping to never see that beautiful face of that fly again. But she awoke to him in her web. She set out again but she didn't look like the spider she was yesterday. She looked weaker and more starved. The fly jumped when he saw her this way. But this she knows that with his wings covered he can't get far so she dried his wings and sent him a wave good bye but he stood there staring so rudely at her. The spider today was different. She looked different. Her black turned grey her red almost gone. She was withered up. About to die. And yet she still helped him with a smile on her face.

     "Why do you live this way? Starving yourself?" The fly had to say.

     She answered weakly," I... can't..."  She took a few drop and drank.

     "Eat me!" The fly demand."Eat me to live and stay alive for a little longer."

     The spider finished her dew drop and answered still weakly," No I will not eat you for I can't... hurt something alive..."

     The fly looked her way with care and hurt in his eyes covered with tear drops. "But why? Please eat me so you can live." He said again.

     "No... I will not... do such a... thing..." She said," If I kill... you... I kill the place... inside of me... that makes me... myself. I can't live... knowing I... killed.... to live..." 

    "But you will die if you don't." He said tears rolling down his face.

     "Then I shall die knowing I can't kill like my family that I didn't kill." She used all her energy saying that one sentence. The fly didn't want to move from his spot.  He couldn't move. She pushed him away like she would have anything else. He starred at her for a long moment.

     " What?! Leave me. I want to be alone... when I ....die... but be... warning... don't come... back....I will be no...more do... Do not turn to say goodbye... for I will be more... then a... corpse to and...pass by..." The fly flew away with tears streaming down his face. He slowly looked back at her smiling up and then she closed her eyes for the last time. The last of her breath leaving her dying body. She was free.

             The fly rushed back to her. Touched her arms with his. He finally realized he was to late. But there was nothing he could do.  

     He whispered to her dead heart," I love you forever and always. No matter what." With tears rolling down his already wet face. The fly went away for a few days. No one knowing where he was or with who he was if anyone. He just disappeared. He finally returned to her body in her web. He went under her web to a clean little spot.  He dug down with his hands as big as he could for as long as he could dig.  When he was done digging a hole for his beloved he went to get her body. He set her body in the dirt as soft as he could. When he knew she was good he put the dirt back on her. Covering her final sleep. Covering her eternal rest with the dirt.  He found a few dozen rocks to put around her body in the ground. The final resting places for his beloved spider. The fly sat by her grave day and night not leaving for food or for water.

           The fly really wanted to die next to his beloved. Like most would weep for the dead he cried day and night till he couldn't cry anymore. When his tears were gone he found flowers put them on her grave and said his good byes. He left to find food and water. He would come back to change the flowers until he couldn't stand to be near her again. To see were she had died and smell her. He finally never returned to that place. That place brought love to him but took it away just as fast. He still weeps for his lovely spider. Because thinking of her makes him. 

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