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This was what he could see from his place sat perched upon his window ledge. His favourite part of the house. As He peered out through the lace, dust catching drapes, He could see the vacant road, the dead grass, the tall gate. Every night, this is what he could see from his window. His special window on the third floor. Never has he seen different. He hoped it would stay that way. But tonight, late Thursday evening, with the pounding rain running down the old window, for the first time ever. He saw a boy. Alone, unconscious and vulnerable. Laid out on the curb of the road. Almost as if he'd had been tossed away, unwanted. From what he could see from his window, the boy was young, quite tall with untidy messy curls stuck to the boys face. From his window he saw hope. He saw innocence. He saw his future.



2. Chapter 1~ vulnerable princess

Harry's pov

Walking through the halls of lakeside high seemed different today, I have no Idea why though. Maybe because it's a dark dull day. What if the head teacher died? Although I don't think anyone would be particularly bothered however I'd love that, Mr leek was a pain in the a-

I was dragged out of my thoughts as my best friend Niall abruptly jumped on my back wrapping his dainty arms around my neck. "Surprise! Did I scare ya?" He screeched in my ear, he's always been the hyperactive one from our threesome. I wouldn't change him though, not in a million years.

"Niall, it's early. I am cranky when it's early, not everyone is as energetic as you. Now let go, you fat ass." I hear a sigh and a 'you're no fun' coming from Niall but I choose to ignore it. I'm not in the mood today. I'm always in the mood for Ni, however today, I'd rather sit in a dark hole.

"You looked down, I only wanted to Cheer you up," he explains, pulling his famous puppy dog eyes, his Irish voice raising higher. I turn away with an annoyed frown and crinkles upon my forehead with my arms folded across my chest, trying to resist his antics. "I hate it when you do that, Ni" I say as I reach into my locker to gather the books I need for the following lessons. Shutting the locker rather forcefully, making him jump, He rolls his eyes, placing his hands on his hips.

"You only hate it because you know it gets to you every time, I mean, no one can stay mad at me" he explains with a sassy click of his tongue.

"Whatever" I mumble, I haven't got the strength to argue.

We converse more on the way to our next lesson, him doing most of the talking, or should I say gossiping. Me adding the occasional grunt for yes and no. That's all that boy does. Gossiping. I think he's talking about Jessica and how much weight she's lost, but quite frankly, I don't give a damn. Jessica is a, let's just say, a well rounded girl with glasses and pigtails who's a year below us however is in our classes because she's advanced.

As we walk down the halls, I notice Niall every so often sneaking weary glances up at me. I bet he can tell I've had a bad weekend at home. I've been off today, I try not to show it as I hate people being cautious around me. I realise Niall had stopped talking whilst I was lost in my train of thought. I was becoming agitated I just wanted to get to lesson.

"Did you hear what I just said?" Oh, he said something, that makes sense.

"Um, yes?" I snapped It came out more like a question, he looked taken back from my outburst. Yet, he should be used to it by now. I can tell he's not convinced. He study's my face for a minute. His attention on me makes me nervous. Then, he looks straight in my eyes. It's always been so easy to read my emotions through my eyes, yet I do my best not to let my anger through.

"Are you okay today, Harry?" He asks getting closer to my face. This boy knows how to get things out of me. Especially unwanted reactions. My forehead starts sweating, my knuckles turning white from the pressure of clamping my hands together and I become weak at the knees. My face is bound to be bright red.

I start to breathe heavily.

I hate people questioning me.

"Harry, something happened again at home, didn't it?" He looked at me with sympathy, his voice becoming softer. There it's, this is what makes me full of rage. I hate it. I hate sympathy. He probably doesn't even care. No one cares. People treat me like a child, just like she does. It reminds me of her. Naill is supposed to be my friend. Why would he bring that up. I know I've been quite of today but..

Before I have time to erupt and shout at the blonde, I notice Zayn come up to Niall and whisper something in his ear that I just can't make out. At this point, I'm shaking terribly, I can't control it when I get angry it seems to take over me. I try not to take it out on my friends, I really do. My anger issues get the better of me sometimes.

Niall nods to Zayn, clearly understanding what he said. Ni bows his head, and scurries into the classroom. By the looks of it, class started in the middle of my episode. Oh well, I hate English anyway.

Zayn approaches me with a smirk on his sexy face. What? Zayn's sexy as hell. I look at him with a sheepish smile as he wraps an arm round my shoulders. "Just calm down, breathe. It's okay, baby" he whispers in my ear. "I just saved Naill's ass, you need to take it easy" I guess he was watching everything that just happened, and I'm thankful that he stepped in before I hurt Niall.

As we enter the room I see Niall with his head down rested upon his scribbled on desk. I bet he feels guilty, he shouldn't though it was my fault. I have a soft spot for Niall. I walk behind him whilst Zayn talks to the old hag of a teacher, She shoots a glare at me. Whilst I roll my eyes at her. Bitch.

Placing my hand gently on naill's shoulder, I stoop down to his level. "Hey, bud" he turns his head to face me, guilt evident in his eyes. Tear stains visible down his plump cheeks. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get mad at you, beautiful" I say softly. Niall is the baby of the group, so delicate and fragile. We, me and Zayn, both treat him like our younger brother. He's such a vulnerable princess. He wraps his arms around me and buries his head into my lilac sweater. I take that as a silent forgiveness.

I take my seat at the back next to Zayn.

You see, me and Zayn have this thing. It's not serious, but we're both there when we need each other, in more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

Zany's the mysterious type, but also dashing and charming. He has a reputation for being the player/badboy he's also the most popular at school, yet he still chooses the hang around with me and Niall, the outcasts. For that, I'm grateful. So, no we aren't together. Niall and Zayn are the most amazing friends I could have. They're both supportive of me being gay. Niall is also gay, whilst Zayn is bisexual. Although it doesn't really matter. We make a good team the three of us. We're like the three musketeers. Niall's the graceful, flamboyant and sweet one, Zayn is the dangerous,mysterious,sexy one. Then there's me the troubled, angry, distant one. We all look out for each other no matter what.

As English class drags on, Zayn and Niall pass time by tormenting each other. Paper balls and erasers flying in each direction. Whilst I sit back, in my normal window seat, starting out at the landscape with my reflection in the glass, and the cold frame of the window on my cheek. Thinking that I'm lucky to have these amazing boys by my side, and things could be worse. Therefore I am grateful. The window I gaze out off reflects my friends and myself, happy for once.


A/N first chapter!

So something is happening in Harry's home life... Hmmm I wonder what.

Niall is so cute just awwww.

Louis will be here soon.

There's probably so many mistakes but Idc.

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