The Crazy & The Quiet

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  • Publiceret: 6 jun. 2015
  • Opdateret: 7 jun. 2015
  • Status: Igang
The story about April Madison and Jeremiah Carter, the two kids that always grew up right next to each. April is thought to be psychotic and crazy. She's always looking for something with more of a risk factor, not afraid of what the out come will be. Then Jeremiah is the one that no body really notices. He sits in the back of the room not wanting any attention. Around school Jeremiah was the depressed kid that didn't talked unless called on by a teacher. He never knew that April was always watching him though, from a far. They can't look past the childhood that they both shared. Now on their way Jeremiah learns about the secrets April hides. And just who knows what will happen.

Forfatteren har bedømt denne movella som gul, hvilket betyder at det er upassende for brugere under 13 år.
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