He clipped her wings, leaving her broken hearted.


1. Severed Wings

Severed Wings



The girl with the mangled wings cradled her 

Fractured heart with tender hands.

  Drops of scarlet tears fell to the floor

As she thought of all those promises...

Broken plans.  



Her walls lay crumbled before her In a gigantic heap.

Knowing that it was HE who




  Smashed them... 

And all he did was speak.



  "I should have known better"

She thought with a sigh. 

If only she hadn't fallen for his devilish looks

Or the twinkle in his eyes. 



  But he had shown her something she had never known.

  Suddenly, and all at once she understood what love was.

But it didn't stay, of course it didn't.

It never does. 



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