Tak For Denne Gang

En samling af alle mine små hyggelige historier.


3. The Vietnamese Clerk [English]

The way she walked, crossing her legs all the time, annoyed Liên a lot.

Not only were she wearing nothing but a tight pink dress that only just covered her ass, but she also chewed pink chewing gum, with her mouth open.
The sound of her heels echoed, when she (cat-)walked into the Somerset Hotel hall.

"What can I help you with, miss?" Liên asked, fake smiling, when the girl reached the reception table.

'She is probably at least as short as me, and just looks tall in her ugly high shoes', Liên though, waiting for her answer.

Liên had never worn heels. In her family it was not acceptable to make the way you look, 'fake'. They called it being unrespectful to god, and his creation, though secretly Liên hade always wanted to try to wearing heels.

The girl looked around in the hall.

At the paintings, at the plants, at the glass doors and the stylish grey couch. Then she looked at Liên.

"I'm looking for a..." she started saying, but stopped her sentence to think for a moment. With a totally careless expression on her face she finished it with, "friend." While shortly itching her shoulder.

Liên, who couldn't take her eyes off the girls chewing mouth, kept nodding, like she was actually listening.

"his name is-" very shortly she looked at the floor, thinking.

Didn't she remember her own friends name?

"Gordon Smith." she said, while running her fingers, covered in pink fake nails, through her dark red-ish colored asian hair.

Without really thinking further about it, Liên quickly searched the system for Gordon Smith.

"Mmmhmm..." Liên mumbled by herself, while checking the computer. "Room 306, Building A. It's just around the co-" Liên said, now facing the girls back, but were quickly interrupted. "-Gooordaaaan!" The girl said, walking towards a quite short but buff man covered in tattoos from top to toe.

The man took her arm and they quickly started walking towards the entrance to building A.

Liên kept looking after them until they were out of sight.

"Not to be rude," A familiar voice said from behind Liên. Tuân, Liên's colleague, and one of her best buds, who always looked like he was doing something important on his computer, but who actually kept a good eye on everybody who walked into the hall.

"-But she pretty much looked like a hooker, don't you think?" Liên sat down on her chair and looked at him.

A hooker? she hadn't thought of that.

"That's silly" she smiled, and turned towards her computer to open a new tab.

"No, seriously!" He wouldn't give up on this conversation, not even though he knew her well enough to know that she didn't talk about that kind of stuff.

All though, she thought, He must have something important to say since he paused his youtube video marathon.

She quietly giggled by herself while typing in "Facebook.vn" on her computer.

"You know that they were going to his room, right." he said.

Yes of course they were, and so?

"And you know that a guest of our guests cannot sleep at the hotel without paying."

He was actually getting to a point now. If the girl were going to sleep at Gordon's room, they would have to kick her out.

Tuân smiled. He had probably noticed the look on her face by now. "Yup," He said, friendly pushing her office chair "That's your duty, miss Liên."

White as a ghost, Liên looked at him. Did he really expect her to run up by their side and be like "Sorry, but no hookers allowed in here, you know. Go fuck somebody else, have great day."

That was simply not going happen. Liên desperately shaked her head and turned back to reading her mother's, husband's, son's post on facebook about their new turtle pet.

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