Defeating The Canadians

Megan Colt, Jocelyn Parker, Jonathan Nicholson, Faith Nelson, and Gavin Reagan race against the clock to try and stop the Canadian spies from taking over the USA.


1. The Late Meeting

Megan's POV

I ran down the streets of my hometown, trying to not be late to our meeting, AGAIN. I started to jog as I got closer, closer to the secret entrance. I stopped, turned to make sure no-one was looking, and started running down the trail that curled into the woods. I finally got to the entrance, and just in time. The timer on my phone started blaring out Eye of the Tiger, and I smiled as I walked into the darkness.

Jocelyn's POV

"When is Megan going to get here?" I wondered aloud. Just as I said that I heard the song Eye of the Tiger. That is the sound that Megan's phone makes when the timer goes off.

"Finally here!" Megan said as she crawled through the old root cellar door. As she got in, she looked around.

"Where are Gavin and Jonathan?" she asked.

"Late... that is where they are..." I answered back.

Gavin's POV

Jonathan and I sprinted off onto the trail.

"Hurry up dude! We're late!" Jonathan screamed as he passed me.

"Whatever!" I yelled back. We finally got to the door and crawled through.

We were going to regret being late.

Jonathan's POV

I crawled in ahead of Gavin, only to be greeted by Jocelyn's evil glare.

"Why are you late?" Jocelyn asked in a menacing voice.

Gavin got in and held up the chips and lemonade.

"We had to get the snacks..." he answered. I then grabbed the 2 liter bottle of lemonade from him and handed it to Megan, who didn't hesitate on taking it.

"Yeah. What's a meeting without some snacks?" I said. Then we all sat down on the dirt floor and started to talk about our plan.

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