The voices inside the girl

Pt er denne movellas en movella med små, meget små tekster i. Men håber at jeg engang kan få skrevet en historie om en pige som bliver indlagt på et psykiatrisk hospital fordi hun hører stemmer som vil have hende til at gøre ting.


5. Please



Sis please stop cryin´, I can´t stand the spond. It´s tearin´ me down.

I hear glasses breakin´ as I sit up in my bed. I told daddy you didn´t mean those nasty things you said.

You fight about work, about housework and all orther pointless things, and this I come home to, this has become my shelter.


It ain´t easy growin´ up in World War 3, never knowin´ what a happy home could be. I don´t want this to destroy me like it has done to my family.


Can we work it out?

Can we be a family?

I promise i´ll be better, I´ll do anything.


Daddy please stop yellin´, I can´t stand the sound, make Sis stop cryin´, ´cause I need both of you around.

Sis loves you, no matter what she says it´s true. I know that she hurts you.


I ran away today, ran from the noise. Don´t wanna go back to that place, but don´t have mush of a choice.


In our family portrait, we look pretty happy. Let´s play pretend, let´s act like it comes naturally. Nobody needs to know.

But nothing in the family portrait is happy, normal or naturally. It´s all anger, hatred, broken and dark. I know that but please let´s go back to the way it used to be. Let´s play pretend, act like it goes naturally. Act like a happy family.


You both say that you feel like you can´t do anything right, but still you fight, not one of you want to be the one who bow the head. But this is tearin´ me down. It´s killin´ me slowly. I want to scream and hit something.




Please can´t we be a family again?.....

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