Bound To You

Katherina was just an ordinary girl. Due to mysterious circumstances, she and her mother had moved from Italy to Minnesota. There she meets Dmitri and her life takes an interesting turn.

Dmitri was not only a werewolf, but also the alpha to the largest and most powerful pack in the nation. He had been searching for his mate longer than three years. To his surprise, he finds that his mate is Katherina and, to top it off, she's human.

Life sure is funny.


1. Chapter One ~ Kat P.O.V ~

I had just recently moved from Italy to this small town in Minnesota called Fairhaven. Today was my first day of senior year and I was really nervous. I was going to a new school and I would be making new friends.

After I finished my shower, I stood in front of my closet, trying to decide on my first-day-of-school outfit. I chose to wear high-waisted jeans with my tan timberland heeled boots and a crop sweater. My waist-length hair was put up in to a fishtail halo braid and I finished off my look with some lip gloss. Checking myself in the mirror, I thought to myself, perfect.

As I walk downstairs, I smell the sweet aroma of freshly made chocolate chip pancakes and crispy bacon. My favorite.

"Mmm, smells good ma," I said, walking into the kitchen. My mother turns to me and smiles.

"Good morning, mija," she said. People say my mother and I looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

After I finished eating, I put my plate in the sink and grabbed my car keys.

"Bye mom, see you later," I said and waved.

"Bye mija, be good," my mom yelled. "I'll try," I yell back, as I walked to my blue mini wagon.

Suddenly, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and looked into the woods. I didn't see anyone among the trees. You're just imagining things, I tell myself. I turn back around to get in my car and made my way to school, not thinking much of the could-be fateful encounter.  



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