we are only friends

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  • Publiceret: 29 mar. 2015
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when raven (15 years old) moves to a private school in Australia life is different from when she was in London she meets 2 guy mason and Ethon
there like the best of friends but will one mistake show everyone whats on the inside of someones feelings...............read to find out


1. the big move

raven's pov


i finished packing after about 5 hours 

"raven the truck is here" i heard mum yelling 

"coming" i yelled carrying boxes down the stairs 

i opened the door there was the truck after a hole day of pacing boxes and then the truck it was time to leave London 

it was a a 20 hour flight when we finally got to Australia i was so tired i could sleep on the plane because this baby kept crying non-stop by the time we got to the new house most of our stuff was set up 

"who did this" i asked looking around

"guess who" i heard a voice from around the corner 

then i saw lee (my older brother) jump from around the corner 

"oh my god lee" i said running up to him and hugging him 

"holy you have changed a bit" he said looking at me 

"i see you changed your look a little" he said 

i was wearing my black ripped skinny jeans and a green half top with my converse

"what evs wheres my room" i asked

"its up stairs to the left" 




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