Clockwork School

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  • Publiceret: 16 mar. 2015
  • Opdateret: 18 mar. 2015
  • Status: Igang
A completely self made, written and acted Horror audiobook set in a school called Reginald Hallgraves High School. Jasper, John, Kate, Silvia and Alexander have a horrific school day as one of them gets pushed off the stairs at the top of the clocktower, and plummets to their doom.


1. Introduction - 00:00

There could only be 2 sounds heard from the hallways of Sir Reginald Hallgraves Highschool. One was the expansive ticking of the clock tower clock. The gears rotated at different speeds, but wherever you are within the school. You can always hear the sound of gears turning. Either it was just their imaginations, or every wall in the school was filled with gears and clockwork. The other of the 2 sounds? It was the sound of uneven footsteps of the man currently in the main hallway. The schools layout fairly straight forward with a main hallway and 8 branching hallways in T shapes expanding out on each side. The other 2 floors were exactly identical. The man currently limping unevenly. *Step Step, Pause, Step Step, Pause, Step Step, Pause.* The man was breathing heavily as the impact from the unknown object had cut into his chest. He hadn't managed to get it out and fainted due to blood loss. But when he resumed consciousness he started limping, almost marching like a zombie, towards the clock tower steps.

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