Behind the glasses

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  • Publiceret: 15 mar. 2015
  • Opdateret: 3 jun. 2015
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1. Another day...

 I weakly open my left eye. Nothing. My right. The world is still blank. A sudden beeping noise makes my heart flutter inside my chest. I stick my hand out from my warm bed and feel around for my alarm clock. I press the button and the beeping stops abruptly. I sigh as I reach for my glasses, sitting  up and putting them on. Without bothering to turn on the light, I get out of my warm, cosy bed and change into my school uniform.

A few minutes later I race out of the door, bag slung over shoulder, still munching a piece of toast and I leg it to the bus stop as fast I can. I just manage to hop onto the  bus, whilst gulping down the last crust of my toast. "Harriet Roberts. Running again?" said the grumpy old bus driver. He has a thick, dark moustache and looks oddly alike to a walrus. I walk onto the bus without answering him. I feel him looking at me, even though my back is turned. By now I've probably gone as red as a tomato. I have a habit of going red at the moment where it makes me look even more stupid than normal, which is very, very stupid.

I love school and I love learning.  I don't like Ellie and her little gang of popular girls. Which is good, because thy definitely hate me.


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