The Nerd Behind The Blog

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  • Publiceret: 12 mar. 2015
  • Opdateret: 22 mar. 2016
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"Hey guys! Check it out!
I have a new cover for you!
Enjoy it!
-Post Video-
Kays see ya!
MintyLollipop ~"

Emily Kim is a nerd, well almost.
She has a blog, where she can be herself, and to express the REAL her.
The school finds out about the blog and starts to fall in love with her blog.
Her blog is filled with covers, dances and photos that does NOT show her face at all.
Who knew that Emily would be so popular but yet so invisible in reality?

Jason Park is ADDICTED to MintyLollipop, he is dying to know who she is.
"She's so beautiful, why can't she show her face!?"
The most popular guy at school, that doesn't want any other girl but MintyLollipop.
Trying to figure out who this girl is, but Emily isn't going to go easy on him.
"Good luck boy, you're going to need all the help you can get."
Can he really find out that the girl of his dreams is the girl he has been bullying for years?
But what if... Jason asks Emily to help him? What will she do?

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