Alternia High [Homestuck x Reader]

This story follows the tale of Reader-chan (You) in you life at Alternia High. You have been childhood friends with John since forever and he had finally convinced you to go to the same school with him.

Trigger Warnings #ooc #cursing #profanities #terrible writing #awkward situations


1. Chapter 1 : Welcome to Alternia High

[A/N This is not supposed to follow any story line of Homestuck whatsoever, it's only an AU.


Beta Kids, Trolls, and yourself are 14. Dancestors and Alpha Kids are 16. Ancestors are 21. Though, you can have the choices of only the Betas, Trolls, Dancestors, and Alphas.


Also, I'm very crappy at the personalities since I don't know the Dancestors/Ancestors as well as the others....well I hope it's decent.


Ps: You love anime, music, drawing, and art and you are a girl."


You glanced at yourself in the mirror. You clacked your red converse together and smiled slightly. You adjusted the clasp of your necklace so that was on the name of your neck instead of dangling wherever. You pushed up the sleeves of your [F/C] jacket unzipped it so you could see [Favorite Anime Character] on your black shirt. You smoothened your jeggings to try to remove the folds.


You smile as you brushed your [H/L] [H/C] hair. You decided to put your hair down, it was only your first day of school and you didn't think you HAVE to look nice. You smiled and jumped onto of your [F/C] bed. You grabbed your [S/F/C] laptop covered in stickers from your favorite fandoms.


You quickly logged onto Pesterchum and saw that John was online. John was a family friend of yours and you two became best friends after finding out you both loved pranks. Anyways, John had recently created a Pesterchum for you since just about everyone in your new school had one - meaning you needed one as well.


[6:35] -- tunefulArtist [TA] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 18:35 --


[6:35] TA : Hey, Johnny!


[6:35] EB : oh, hey [Nickname]!


[6:36] TA: You ready for school?


[6:36] EB: i guess????????


[6:36] TA: Pfffftttt.....what's with the eight thing?


[6:36] EB: hahaha it's nothing


[6:36] TA: Okay then?


[6:36] TA: Well, anyways. Are the people nice at school?


[6:36] EB: well yeah


[6:37] EB: most of them are at least


[6:37] EB: anyways, the bus will be coming soon and i gotta go


[6:37] EB : see you there [Nickname]!!!!!!!!


[6:37] -- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering tunefulArtist [TA] at 18: 37 --


You smiled and shut your laptop down. You entered into your kitchen and frowned slightly when you had seen it. Your aunt used to always welcome you when you'd enter to grab a glass of apple juice or milk. She had recently died and your living standards haven't been arranged yet - whether you'd go to another family member or if you'd become an orphan.


Frowning, you went to the fridge to grab a glass of AJ. Your eyes dropped slightly as you drank your apple juice, though just drinking it made you slightly happier. You calmed down slightly and forced yourself not to cry, you didn't want to look like a total wreck.


You grabbed your bag and swung it over your shoulder. You played with the buttons on the bag for a bit then shoved your key in your pocket. You took a few breathers then stepped outside to wait for the bus. You were the only one of the block and it felt rather lonely, even more since the sky was gloomy.


A yellow bus with the name Alternia High on the side had pulled up. You saw John peaking through the window with a nerdy grin on his face. He nodded as the doors had opened up for you. You awkwardly walked inside as girls and boys stared at you.


John had waved you over with a goofy smile you always found cute. You waved back and walked down the bus isle to sit next to John. "So, how's been your summer [Nickname]?" You placed a finger to your chin in thought, then turned to him with a smile.


"Oh, I don't know - you tell me. You've been calling me and pestering me non-stop all summer." You chuckled and nudged John, he started to chuckle with you. "Hahaha, I guess." You rolled your [E/C] eyes and relaxed slightly.


"Well, back to school for us..." You smiled slightly. "It's been a while since we actual saw each in person, huh?" You turned towards him with a smile. John smiled, then suddenly gasped - getting an idea.


"To commemorate our reunion, let's prank some people! I even have some pranks my Nanna handed down to me. I'd love to try it out." John said with sparkling blue eyes. It was almost impossible for you to say no.


"Alright, I'm up for it, Johnny." You gave a thumbs up and a wink. He smiled back sweetly and you both continued to share stories about your summer together.




"John!" You heard a perky voice call while you and John walked together inside the school. A small girl with long black hair, green eyes, and round glasses squealed and jumped onto John - giving him a hug. You tensed slightly and frowned, perhaps was this girl John's girlfriend?


"Hey, Jade." John said with a smile. John noticed your 'awkwardness' and patted Jade's back -signaling her off. "[Name] this is Jade. Jade this is [Name]." Jade smiled kindly and extended her hand. Not wanting to be rude, you shook her hand as well.


"Hi, nice to meet you, [Name]. I'm John's sister Jade." You slowly relaxed and smiled back. "Nice to meet you, Jade." She giggled and hugged you. "Any friend of John's is a friend of mine." You smiled and replied. "I'm sure, we'll be good friends." You already begun to like Jade, she seemed like a very sweet girl and you could already tell she had a positive attitude.


"So, I don't want to intrude on personal things come I never met you before Jade?" Jade smiled and pulled away. "Well, John and I had recently become siblings. So, I'm not surprised you haven't met me yet. Though, I'm glad we know each other now!" She said happily.


You nodded and walked down the hall with the two dorky siblings. You had both entered the first class you three had together and saw that you had entered History.


"Ah, I see you two are late as always." A teacher with jet black hair and nubby horns spoke calmly, glancing over at the three of you. "Oh, Miss [Last Name] may you come to the front please?" You nodded and awkwardly walked to the front of the class with a small smile.


"Class, this is our new student, [Name] [Last Name]." He placed his grey hand on your farthest shoulder and smiled. He glanced over at you once more.


"I'll be your teacher Mr. Signless or Mr. Vantas, whatever you'd wish to address me as." You nodded and went to the only empty seat in the room, which happened to be next to a girl with a blue cat helmet. You also noticed she had a blue cat tail peaking from under her long green jacket.


You turned back to the front just before class had begun.

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