It's about two girls name ryley and Payton and boys are stupid in this story so be tough if you ever get bullied and don't cry or don't commit sew I side so just fight back


1. new school

Payton's p.o.v. When I woke up I looked at my clock it said 8:30 I'm late for fucking school I run to the bathroom and brush my hair and looked threw my closet and got a blink 182 muscle shirt and black skinny jeans with black converse then I ran down stairs got cereal and brushed my teeth and got my stuff and ran to school it was lunch when I got there I went and sat by a girl I ask what was her fucking name she said its ryley hi ryley lets go to are lockers ok crap here comes the stupid bully's of the fucking school who luke calum Michael Ashton I'm not afraid of boys you should why because they abuse girls and steel them and rape them oh I'm so scared. Luke's pov I was walking to ryley because we bully her and she had a friend with

her the girl was hot I me and the guys walk up to them and started touching ryley and bullying her when the girl says get the fuck off of her you dipshit what did you call Luke you herd me bitch whatever lets go guys she thinks she's so tough I am you ugly piece of shit now I'm pisst I'm so scared of Luke your sarcasm is terrible who asked you Luke Payton lets just go fine asswipes.

Michael pov Dame that girl is strong and rude as fuck yah I think she's new Ashton said no shit should we start bullying Payton yes lets go to class what class is next math oh lets go we see Payton and ryley walk in and I said shit we have it with them yah we always have class with ryley I'm gonna sit on the side of ryley and Luke you are on the other side ok Payton's side will have calum Ashton ok then we get in to class and we went in the seats and started to touch Payton up her pants and ryleys they just slapped the boys hands and punched them and class ended and school was out we walked home together and someone put there hand on are mouths and I started to kick but the person was strong so I just stopped.

Calums pov.

When I saw Michael and Luke drag them in I was like if I go to jail for raping someone I'm just gonna say they made me do it they strapped the girls to a chair they tryed to fight but they failed one minute later they started to take of there close and started to kiss them.

Ryleys pov

The next day we didn't want to go to that hell hole but we had to I hope the dicks won't be there I know if they are I'm leaving me to hey did they use condoms no shit we need a pregnancy test lets get on at a store lets go ok

Hey guys if you read this I appreciate it it's my first story so if you like it comment and I don't no what I should do for the second chapter so give me some ideas love all of you hope you guys comment

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