The Gardens Tale - one shot.

Det er en meget kort novelle, jeg har valgt at skrive på Engelsk!

Normalt foretrækker jeg at skrive på Dansk, men denne ville bare passe bedre med Engelsk. Jeg håber I kan lide den.


1. The Gardens Tale.

The Gardens Tale – A story about James Dean and Amy Broomstick
Skrevet af: ishitrainbows

Once upon a time, a 27 year old wizard named James Dean, went for a walk in a little park called The Gardens Tale. The flowers were dead, and the benches were empty. The wind was blowing in his hair and it was a bit cold. He took his wand, pointed at the flowers and said “blossom forevermore.” The flowers went from grey to red, yellow, purple, magenta and many other colors. He pointed again, but this time he pointed at the benches. “People,” he said, “beautiful people”, and suddenly there were three people on each bench. A smile was planted on his pretty face, and he started singing a little song goes: “Time keeps painting my darling, ripped all the flowers in the garden. Oh baby come home, you angels bring her home.” While he sang, he turned around and saw an old and dirty statue. He took 7 steps, and the statue was right in front of him. His smile disappeared, and he stopped singing. A tear rolled down his chin when he looked at the statues face. The statue was a girl, and she was really pretty, but she also looked very sad. He took her hand, squeezed it, and gave her a kiss on the chin. The statue started moving. “Thank you. My name is Amy. Amy Broomstick, and I were once cursed by an evil witch. I was forced to be a statue, until someone showed me empathy,” she said and smiled. Her smile was so beautiful, and James couldn’t do anything but smile. Her voice made James warm inside, and his heart started beating faster. It was love at first sight. And so they lived happily ever after.  

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