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  • Publiceret: 20 jan. 2015
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En samling af digte jeg har skrevet ned i Januar 2015.


6. Hated by everyone

(Hurtig info, det der med engelsk er normalt ikke noget for mig, da jeg er bange for at skrive noget forkert... Men det passede bedre med engelsk lige til dette. Håber ikke at det ødelægger noget.)

Let me fly.

With my broken wings

will I fight to

fly up

where I belong.

The fight is hard

cause my wings

are broken

like my heart.

But I cant 

get up there

people hold me down.

They dont know

I want to die.

They do not understand

they think im ok.

They leave me alone

in the darkness.

I told them 

I was fine

cause I will be fine

when I get up there.

I told myself

to be more happy

and unbroken

but my scars 

won't heal.

I want to make more

but I cant

they have take 

it from me

they thought it

would help me

to stop.

And the pills 

is hiding

but I still want

to hurt myself

and to eat all

those pills

beautifull pills

sweet sweet pills

the only way

to get up there

my only hope.

They took my 

hope from me

my dreams

my friends

and now I 

dont have 

anything to

live for

and all people

hates me

i'm stupid

and ugly

and unwanted

and wrong

and desperate

and suicidal.

I thought he

could make

me happier

and he did

but now he is gone

I do fuck 

everything up

and then you 

get broken... Again.

He hates me

everyone hates me

my mom

my family

my friends

my flirts


'hated by everyone'


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