Hard Times

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  • Publiceret: 18 jan. 2015
  • Opdateret: 19 jan. 2015
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Basically the story is about a guy that has a rough life.
He gets beaten, he doesnt do his school, and hes really into some shit.
Its about his journey in the teenage years, and all the challenges a teenager can end op facing.
Will he stand strong and come out alive? who knows?
(Except for me)


2. Chapter 2

I look up. The yard looks like something from a horror movie. The weather are cloudy, so the sun are giving off a weird dark bluish look that makes you sad to look at. It is windy and I am freezing. I think it is about the 12 degrees, which is quite cold for me, because I have no jacket on.
I am sitting on some concreate outside the school, leaning up at a pillar also made of concreate. The grass in the playfield are a kind of faded green. It probably just needs some water, but no one really cares anyways.

I catch myself looking at some birds singing from a tree some meters from me. I do not get why they want to be here, I mean, there is nothing to come for here. This is one of the worst high schools in the whole country! There is no money for school equipment, so the only thing the school gives away are books. The teachers are bad too! They just give us a piece of paper, and tells us to make the tasks, and then they just sit and wait on us finishing. The worst part is that the school is almost dangerous to walk around in, because it is so old. The roof are falling down some places, and the whole school smells. However, we cannot afford to put me in another school, so this is what I have to live with. That is the reason why I often do not go to school by the way.

I stand up, and start to walk home. I need to get a new bandage on. My parents are not home, so I do not have to worry about them right now. My dad are at work, and my mom are in school. My mom are learning how to be a teacher, and my dad runs his own company.
I nearly hit a tree on the way out of the schoolyard, because I was looking down at my arm. There is not far from the school to my house, but right now, it feels like it takes forever.
I finally reach the ugly green metal box of a mailbox that is outside our house. At my home, the grass is green at least, you can get food here, and we have a dog that actually wants to see you, and talk to you. It is a lot better than in school.
I walk up the small path that my dad made not too long ago. I already hear my dog scratch on the door because no one usually comes home at this time of the day. I do sometimes, but I mostly walk over to William instead of going home.
I put my key into the lock, and open the door. We have a king shepherd, and when he gets excited he always jump up at you like crazy. He hits my arm, and pain instantly travels through my whole body.


“OUCH” I yell out


He stop jumping up at me, because he see I am in pain, and looks ashamed. I pet him a little, and he start wagging its tail again. The pain also slowly go away, and I take my shoes off only using my right hand. I go straight out of the hall, right past the stairs, and turn right straight into the kitchen. I open the cupboard over the sink, and take out the first aid box. There is just a single bandage left, and I take that one, and put the box back again. I slowly take of the used bandage. It hurts because the blood has dried, and sticks to the wound now. I bite my lips and pull it all off. It starts to bleed a little again. I quickly start to put on the new bandage. I take the used one and put in a bucket of soapy water, takes it with me to my room, and places it under my bed. I do not want my parents to find out what I did, so I need to clean it from blood myself. They did not see my arm yet, because I was wearing a long armed shirt. I do not know for how long I can keep them unknowing, but I have to try it. If my dad finds out, he will be so mad at me!

I really need to pee, so I go out my room and straight forward into the toilet. I finish, and start washing my hands. When I am done, I look up into the mirror, and get eye contact with my reflection. I start looking other places too. The person I am looking at are so ugly! He is so weak, I mean look at his arms, and they are so small. They look like small sticks!
I turn right, and the person does too. The action shows his breast better. The muscles are barely visible! His stomach are a little too big also. He should really start running.
People tell me all the time that I am not that person, but I know that the mirror never lies.

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