Solonistic Love

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“Zachary and I lived in a harsh world. After the Time War II, everything was different. You see, Ireland did not change a lot for a long time. The country stayed out or the first Time War, but when they finally did get involved, they became like every other country. We called in communism back then, but it evolved into so much more....'
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1. Marital Maker

“Zachary and I lived in a harsh world. After the Time War II, everything was different. You see, Ireland did not change a lot for a long time. The country stayed out or the first Time War, but when they finally did get involved, they became like every other country. We called in communism back then, but it evolved into so much more. Now that the dust has settled we call is solonism. Now, little ones, you are probably tired of all that backstory aren’t you? I am going to tell the story to you just as is happened every word I remember,” It was so different now, We even had chips that we could plug into our brains, “I have it this chip, I believe. Yes, yes this is the one. Just give me a second while I plug it in. Okay now listen close, I will only say it once, because these memories are very painful.”

            " “Mother, this corset is so tight! I don’t understand why I have to wear it!” I complained.

            “Anna, you must impress your future husband. After all, this will be his first impression of you,” She reasoned. I hoped I would get a handsome husband, actually, that didn’t really matter to me. What mattered was that he was nice, thoughtful, and loving. After all, I would have to spend the rest of my life with him,

            “You have 30 minutes until the marriage! We better put your hair up. Ugh, I am so sad that you cannot wear make-up at marriages anymore,” I nodded. Even though I was 17, I did not like to wear make-up. I felt like it disguised me in a bad way.

            I waited for a long time. 30 minutes felt like 30 years. Finally it was time. My mother pulled the veil over my face. She always said that I am beautiful, but I never believed it. I had olive skin, grey-green eyes that seem to suck the light out of everything, and a completely disproportionate body. I had rounded cheeks and my chest is skinny which contradicted my large waist and legs. Maybe I should have ran more in my youth. I started walking down the long aisle which was covered with white velvet to resemble Ireland’s new found peace. It was very hard to see through the veil, so all I could see are general colorful blobs. I saw a golden blob which must have been the marital maker I came close to him and feel his hand urge me to turn towards my future husband. I cannot really listen to what he is saying. Something about “raising a child” “staying together ‘till death do us part” and a bunch of other lovey dovey stuff.

            After a couple of minutes, there is a sense of finality in his voice so I started to listen,

            “Zachary, this is Anna from the South. Anna, this is Zachary from the east,” said the marital maker. The introductions seemed stupid because we could not see each other, but traditions were traditions!

            “Zachary, you may see your wife by removing he veil. You may kiss her when you feel ready,” I took a deep breath a prepared myself. Zachary slowly lifted the veil and placed on the back of my head. He looked different from most boys. He was different from most boys in Ireland. He was about 4 inches taller than me and skinny, but not scary skinny, I guess lean is a better word. His eyes were a deep blue and his jet black hair was a medium length, and you could tell that if it was grown out it would be wavy. I had almost forgotten that we were supposed to kiss, but I was instantly reminded me. He leaned in a placed his hand where my jawbone and neck meet so that his fingertips barely touched by hair line. After about 3 seconds we broke apart and I cast my eyes down because a pure smile was forming on my face. I let my eyes dart up and I saw that he was smiling to. The music started and he grabbed my hand. We walked down the aisle into a more private room.

            There were a couple of odd seconds of both of us breathing, but then Zachary broke it,

            “Please do not call be Zachary,” He said. His voice was smooth and deep, but not deep enough to cause that feeling of slight annoyance at not being able to make out every word precisely,

            “It’s bad enough having to hear Zachary at school, at home, and well even my friends. If we’re going to live together for the rest of our lives, you might as well call me Zach,”

            “Okay Zach, I’ll remember that as your first request,” I said with just a hint of sarcasm that no one ever picked up. I then realized that our bodies had drawn just a little bit closer and that I was – I was enjoying his presence,

            “No need to be sarcastic,” Zach said, I looked up to him and his eyes seemed to push for me to laugh,

            “No one ever notices when I am sarcastic like that,” I couldn’t hide awe in my voice,” I didn’t expect him to respond, but he did,

            “Maybe they just weren’t listening close enough,” He said in in a matter of fact tone,

            “Or maybe they just didn’t care,” I said under my breath – inaudibly,

            “Well, I want you to know that I am listening, Anna, and maybe I am caring to,”

            After about a minute, according to my watch, a silver car showed up; we entered through the back door into a small compartment which forced us to sit a little closer than you would normally sit with someone that, up until about 10 minutes, you didn’t know. Soon, we arrived at a powdery grey house,

            “Home sweet home,” said Zach as we walked into our new house. There was a medium size kitchen with a small microwave, a medium size fridge/freezer, and a large oven. I peeked into the next room where there was a big sofa across from it was an announcement screen which was currently off. Diagonal from the sofa was a small bathroom. I thought Zach was behind me, but he wasn’t. Somehow, this almost scared me. There was a hallway in one of the corners. On one end was a small nursery which was a beautiful light purple,

            “There is a note in our bedroom that says we will be assigned a little girl in 6 months, and we have to enter a name within the month,” He said in almost a calming way. Even still I whipped around,



            “I want to name her Dakota,” I said

            “I – I love that name,” He said which surprised me, “Do you want to check out the bedroom? It has a really cool master bathroom,


            “Ladies First,’ Said Zach. He turned sideways, pushed his back against the door frame, bowed his head and signaled for me to go with pointing across the hallway. I curtsied in my large wedding dress, I had almost forgotten that I was wearing it. The bedroom was large. There was a large King sized bed with a royal blur confuter which was soft and filled with warm down. There were also two chest of drawers, and one semi-large closet. The bathroom next to the intricate headboard,

            “Isn’t it amazing?” He said, looking over my shoulder.

            “It’s not amazing, it’s beautiful!”  It was all white except for the black countertop which housed a double vanity sink. There was also a large shower with a bath at the bottom. The bath tub had a mat which had little ducklings on it. A voice suddenly boomed through the house. A female electronic voice said, “Please note that all citizens must be in bed within the next 2 hours. Your Boxes have been placed outside your door. Please unpack. Thank you.” I walked to the door and saw about 5 large boxes on our door step,

            “Zach! Could you help me get these boxes?”

            “Coming!” he said. I heard his footsteps coming through the house, “Wow, they sure did bring a lot of boxes!” He put his hand on my hip which surprised me, “Go with it. I will explain,” He whispered so low and softly it was hard for me to hear. I smiled. For some reason, I trusted his reasons,

            “They really did, I’ll help you,” We brought the boxes onto the kitchen. One box contained food, another clothes for me, one for Zach, One had toiletries, and the last one has miscellaneous stuff,

            “Why don’t you take the boxes that have our clothes and put them in the bedroom. You can change while you’re there because I’m going to heat up our meals.”

            After we finished eating, Zach and I went into the bedroom. After that I brushed my teeth while Zach changed into a T-shirt and long fleece pants,

            “’Bout ready to go to sleep?” Zach asked me.

            “Sure,” I got into the left side of the bed, and he got on the right, then he turned off the lights,

            “Come here,” said Zach. I turned around to find he was very close to me, and he grabbed my hand,

            “Listen closely,” He whispered very quietly, “There are heat cameras in the room. If they don’t think we are in love, they will kill someone we do love, so I suggest they you pretend, and hope that won’t have to pretend anymore one day. They have microphones to, but I put one of the boxes over the only one in here. We should be okay if we whisper. Try to sleep close to me okay? I know this because my parents told me before the wedding. I didn’t believe them until I saw the microphone and the camera. Do you understand?”


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