Takes after her brother

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  • Publiceret: 3 jan. 2015
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A good girl. A bad boy brother. His best friend. What's liable to happen?


1. chapter 1

"I'm not stupid!!!!" My brother Liam yells at mom and dad while I sit on the steps. Liam is the bad boy at school. I'm bullied but Liam doesn't. My names Maddie Mae to most people.

"I never said you were. But you are an adult start acting like one!!!!!" Mom yells.

"Liam grow up alcohol is not good for you!!!!!" Dad yells at Liam with a red face. Liam's glare implanted on him. Now I'm scared. Liam's in dad's face and fist closed.

"Liam..." I whimpered. Liam looks to me and his glare softens immediately.

"Baby girl. Go back up. It's ok. Nothing bad is going to happen." He said with a soft smile. See Liam is close to me at home but not at school.

"Come up with me. Please." I whimper with tears in my eyes. It hurts to see my family like that. Segregated and split. Liam on one side of the room. Parents on the other.

"Alright. I'm coming. No tears princess you're too pretty." He says coming towards me. Grabs my hand and takes me to his room. His room is dark blue and covered in posters from different bands. He has a king size bed. His room is BIG.

We lay on the bed.

"Don't follow my footsteps princess. You can go to college on like me. Since I got held back to your grade. I love you baby girl." Was the last thing I heard be for going to sleep on his chest.

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