I like the bad boy

Hi I am Megan Edwards I am 16 an I like a bad boy but my 3 bffs don't know that but will it all come out . Read on to find out
Megan's p.o.v

So today is my birthday I am going to invite all the populrs to my killer beach party and then I am having a sleepover my mom had got me this wired band called 5 seconds of summer for my party I have no idea were she has got them from but they sound alright I guess.

" Megan time to go to school " mom said coming in to my room " what no happy birthday mom" I said laughing. She laughed to, and said happy birthday then gave me my pressies !!!!!

I got a new iPhone 6c gold with a see through case with real diamonds on it yes my mom and dad is rich I also got this box that had holes on it and I opens it an got a black puppy pug " omg I am going to call you princess I love you so much"

Then it was time for school I put on a green day bellie top and a high wast shorts and my black vans and black sparkly beanie and my hair was a side plat and I had natural makeup them i went to school

Ella's p.o.v

So Megan came to school embarrassed about it being her birthday but we made her happy yet everyone was so jealous of her new iPhone 6c with a real diamond case and she told me she got a pug that is what happens when you have a rich family

We were walking to music when Megan saw Calum hood ( the schools new bad boy ) I looked at her and her jaw dropped " omg who is that fit boy"

Megan's p.o.v

"Omg who is that fit boy " did I. Just say that out loud. I guess I did because he is walking over to me " hey I'm Calum hood you" he is talking to me eek " umm... My name is Megan Edwards nice to meet you " I felt someone hit me it was Anna " hey Megan ask home if he wants to come tonight " what umm lets think for a second " okay okay so do you" I got out " do I what" he was teasing me " to my birthday party then sleepover ?" I started to get annoyed " um I can come to the sleepover but not the party sorry me and my band have a big gig to night " he said " oh oka-" I was cut off by him leaving

* skipping rest if school*
So I came home to see a note from my mom ' got to set up go tonight you can chose what to wear I won't be mad love you and happy birthday love ~ mom~ x

Yes I can have kaycee Ella and Anna over to help so I text the in a group text - girls come over need help for tonight love ya meg -

In about 2 mins all three of them came " hi girls come up stairs " I said as I hugged each of them " so which room are we sleeping in?" Kaycee asked " um the grand hall I guess it has a lot if food in the and pizza my fave " all of sudden I got a text from a unknown number - hi Megan it calum can I bring my 3 best mates over tonight because I not know anyone yet ~ cal- I texted him back - sure hue did you get my number? :/ :D ~meg-

I was so confused I gave no idea on how he got it but who give one . I put on a baby blue bathing suit and over I put on my green day bellie top with high waist shorts and left my hair the way it was then left to go to the beach for my party.

When I got there I saw the bad boy Calum hood why is he here I thought he said he has a ? ... Ohh

Ella's p.o.v
So Megan came over to me red she must have a problem
"Megan what happened your face" I said as she hugged me " umm.. Calum is here " she said like she was upset " really but why are you upset" say up " I'm not I'm just suprised I said that they were alright but know I don't know they are coming to my sleepover all of them


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