The Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition

Seeing as there aren't a lot of competitions for poets, here is my own Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition :) Good luck, may the force be with you and odds ever in your favour.


1. Rules and Regulations

Hello all :)

As you can probably tell, this is a poetry competition organised by yours sincerely. Prizes are CC, a shoutout in a mumble (with link to a Movella) and a like and favourite on any movella of your choice. 

Competition Criteria will be published every Monday and entry closes on Thursday. All entries will be posted to this Movella and I will pick a winner that will be announced on the weekend. 

- No swears
- let's keep this age appropriate
- no epics allowed (ironic now that I think about it) but all other types of poetry allowed

To Enter:
- publish your poem as a movella or mumble
- mumble the link and tag me (Sappho The Second) or comment in here

Thanks :)




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