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  • Publiceret: 12 dec. 2014
  • Opdateret: 15 maj 2016
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I really like to make covers, and then I've decided that I wanted to make a cover store, so here it is, you can see some of the stuff I've made inside :))


1. Info

If you want me to make a cover for you, you have to tell me

- Title

- Author(s)

- Mood (sad, happy, mystery)

- Quote (No need)

- Celeb(s)

- If it isn't a celeb then give me a decription of the person so I can get a picture of the person (:

- Any ideas?



- be patient :')

- If someone after you gets the cover before you, check your comment if I wrote something for you

- I don't do manga/anime covers, sorry

Think it was it

I can't promise how long you'll have to wait, but i'll make them as fast as I can (not that fast so they aren't good) I hope it would last 1-3 days but I can't promise anything because I get stressed fast :i so I hope y'all be patient (:

Here are some of them I've made :)) 


You'll be free to use them :))


- This Moment x

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