Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


1. Chapter 1 Harry


"Where are we going dad?" I asked my dad. as we took a turn. I swung to the side as my dad started driving straight again.

"We're going to Holmes chapel Cheshire for a while dear." my dad answered. he knew this was hard for me, even if I hadn't got any friends. after moving so many times, you get used to it.

My mom died a long time ago. Well not really but I can't remember it so I just call it a long time ago. Anyway she died while giving birth to me. My dad has a busy job, and has to travel many times. We stay one or two years at a small town, or big city, before moving again. I'm 7 now and I think I get how it goes now: going to a new school, try to fit in. That doesn't work. Get bullied and move away. Never had it any different, I always tried. But it never worked. And this was very frustrating for a 7 year old. But I know how to deal with it.

Today we're moving again. We're moving to Holmes Chapel. A small town, with I assume elder people. I hope I get a friend this times, it's the only thing I actually want.

"Can I have friends there?" I asked, as I played with the buttons from the radio. I turned the radio louder and bobbed my head with the tune that was playing.

"Of course dear." my dad patted my head, but his eyes remained on the road my dad usually stayed serious. he also never noticed I wasn't happy, but he tried cheering me up sometimes. he wasn't the perfect dad, he didn't even notice that I never made any friends.

"You promise me?" I asked, focusing on the road ahead.

"I promise." but I didn't believe it. if I wasn't this young, I would have laughed at him, screaming that he lied. but I wasn't older, so for some reason I didn't mind.

"When are we there." I whined. Because we were already driven a good hour in the car, and I was getting annoyed. I moved around, I was easy to get mad about long car trips.

"In about... now." My dad stopped the car, in an open parking space. I tried to open my seat belt, and it plopped open. I tried opening the door but there was a children lock on. I groaned and my dad quickly opened the lock

"Yay." I squealed, and now I could swing the door open.

"Aargh." I heard. My hand flew to my mouth knowing I hit someone. no no no. I though. why would that person stand here, maybe I killed him, then we had to move again. that would be so horrific.

"I'm so so sorry." I stepped out and closed the door. I looked at the ground. A little boy around my age, had his hand on his head and looked angry. he looked up and shot me a glare. I didn't hit him because I wanted to, he shouldn't even blame me.

"Why did you do that." he frowned, as he stood up. and dusted himself.

"Sorry, I had a long car ride and I was annoyed. and it was not only my fault, you were here." I say with all honesty. He frowned, and then stomped away.

That didn't go as planned. yay it's settled again no friends.

"I just have to get the house keys, and we can get in." My dad walked into a shop, and I quickly follow him, not wanting to be left alone. Like last time.

"Do we have a pretty house?" I asked, as I pulled the sleeve of my dad's coat. he looked down and smiled.

"I think you should look at that yourself." He handed me a big key, and I ran out the door not even know where to go.

"Hey, wait for me little one." My dad chased me, what wasn't to difficult as my dad has huge legs and I have little ones. and he was also bigger, so for me there was no chance at escaping.

My dad picked me up, and dragged my to a white painted house. I saw a small gas station the opposite side of the road, a Chinese shop at the end of the road, and a few big trees in front of one of the houses.

I smiled as I watched our neighborhood.

"Do you think we should meet our neighbors?" My dad asked. I nodded my head. Maybe I could make friends? maybe there was a chance they had children and that boy from later had forgotten for me.

My dad walked to the house next to ours, what is obvious. He knocked gently, and a after a few seconds the door was opened.

An elder woman opened the door. She seemed really motherly, and sweet. A mother who would bake cookies. Stop thinking about those. now I really want cookies. damn cookies.

"Hello." she smiled.

"Hello." my dad smiled. "We just moved in, and we had the idea to meet our neighbors." My dad explained quickly.

"I'm Daniel." He extended his hand. .

"Anne." She shook it, and then turned her gaze to me.

"Hello love, I'm Anne and who are you." she smiled, I returned it before I spoke again.

"I'm Charlie, and I like cookies." Stop the cookie talk. now I want them even more. but look at the bright side maybe she had cookies.

"How lovely. I just made some, would you like to come in, I could introduce you to my family." She opened the door, revealing a hallway. My dad and I stepped in, looking around the cozy looking hallway. I already liked it here, again maybe Anne could be my friend. an elder person would be strange to be a friend but alt least I could have one.

"Harry, Gemma come downstairs. we have guests." She yelled. yes she had children.

"Sorry but my husband isn't home sadly. But my two children are." She told us.

I saw a girl ran downstairs. She had brown wavy hair, which I totally loved. I looked at it in awe, and she giggled, she was with one word beautiful, but she was older and older children don't want to hang around with younger children. I learned that from our past village. I heard more foot steps, and those were from a boy, he was holding an ice pack against his forehead.

This guy I remembered as the guy I hit with my car door. He had brown straight hair, and green bright eyes. When they met mine he frowned, and they were less bright. maybe I had that affect on people. I don't hope so because otherwise I had an friendless future.

This guy I suppose is Harry.

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